UPPAbaby VISTA Reviews – Detailed Comparison [The Ultimate Choice For Your Baby]

If you’re here, you are probably wondering: Why Is UPPAbaby VISTA worth the money?  Which model is the top: VISTA 2019, VISTA 2018 or perhaps VISTA 2017?  Which color version to select and accessories are necessary? Let’s find out below in our detailed uppababy vista reviews.

For a mom of three, who was using VISTA for over 3 years, I think I can help you to answer those queries.

UPPAbaby VISTA reviews

UPPAbaby VISTA is a stroller beloved by many mothers.  It is a convertible stroller with a toddler seat plus extra bassinet. 

It is a fantastic option for parents that live in the city and are looking for an everyday stroller for running everyday errands around the city, in addition to off-road trips.

Moreover, each model of UPPAbaby VISTA is the best solution for parents who plan on having a bigger family, as this stroller grows with the baby and expands for the second child.

This pushchair has so many features!  Read my full article with UPPAbaby VISTA reviews and discover whether this stroller meets your requirements.

UPPAbaby VISTA Reviews – What this stroller can offer you and your baby

Let me start off by saying this review describes both VISTA 2018 and VISTA 2019 (and even the”old” VISTA 2017) as all these models are very similar.  However, there are some minor differences that I emphasized. 

All pictures and information about VISTA function refer to VISTA 2019 and VISTA 2018, as the sole difference between these two strollers is the fashion lineup (it is possible to purchase your VISTA 2019 in fresh colors!).

VISTA 2017 differs from these newer models in bassinet mattress length, handlebar cover, the shape of the front wheel, frame coating and fabric of the seat and comforter and colors (keep reading to find out more). 

Nevertheless, the overall appearance and functionality are actually the same for all these 3 models.

So in this article, I review UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 & 2019, however, I also compare it with all the older models from 2017 to give you a larger perspective on how this stroller evolved and improved over the last few decades.

Generally speaking, UPPAbaby VISTA has many great functions that allow this stroller to develop with the baby and the whole family. 

This multi-tasking and well-equipped buggy may be the only stroller you will ever need.

What is included in theUPPAbaby VISTA set?

The basic set of UPPAbaby VISTA includes:

  • Frame
  • Four wheels
  • Bassinet with bug shield and storage bag
  • Toddler seat with rain and bug shields
  • Bumper bar


Seating options for one child

As I briefly mentioned earlier UPPAbaby VISTA may be utilized for two or three kiddos.  Thanks to the bassinet and toddler seat included with the stroller, it may serve you from birth well into toddlerhood.

Regular seat (from 3 weeks — up to 50 lbs / 40″)

UPPAbaby VISTA stroller is equipped with a standard toddler seat which can be front or rear-facing.  Most parents use VISTA as an infant-to-toddler stroller also if so, the reversible seat is really a must-have. 


When infants are just a couple of months old we would like to keep an eye on them and want them to ride in parent-facing mode. 

But when children get older and more curious in the World they do not wish to check at mommy the whole time. 

They want to observe the environment and look around throughout the stroll. 

Thanks to this reversible seat that only clicks in and out UPPAbaby VISTA can function as the only stroller to get real.

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The seat has also six-position recline. You can easily lower or raise the seat with just one hand thanks to innovative lever (as opposed to very common buckle with two straps on the back of the seat which requires using two hands).

Notice that VISTA has buckle-style seat and if it, the entire seat goes back, not only the backrest.

The fully reclined seat is 23.6° from the ground so that the baby doesn’t lie completely flat. 

According to the manufacturer, this position is suitable for babies from 3 months.

The maximum capacity of this seat is 50 pounds and it could accommodate a child up to 40″ high.

There is also a very nice bumper bar for baby’s security, as well as flexible multi-position leg rest for extra comfort during rest on-the-go.

I think it’s notable that for a previous couple of years VISTA seat design has never been changed.  Why change a fantastic thing, right?

That means it’s possible to find exactly the same seat on VISTA 2018 and VISTA 2019 (in addition to on the older model from 2017).

This convertible stroller is equipped with a five-point harness. It is very easy to put on the harness and to take it off. 

The launch button is placed in the middle and is easy to use, however it requires just a little pressure that I find good because your little one can’t take off the harness him-/herself.

The harness is highly adjustable to match the little passenger and make their ride comfortable. 

There are three shoulder height positions and several crotch strap position — that I enjoy that it is so easy to change the height preferences and you don’t need to go to the rear of the stroller or take off the entire seat pad.

Of course, you can also tighten and loosen all of the straps this, then, may seem quite complex, at least until you can a great hang of it.

Now let’s take a peek at the canopy.  This is another benefit highlighted by dozens of parents. 

You will find just two expendable panels and lengthy pop-out sun visor made from UPF 50+ substance.  When the canopy is fully extended it ensures the infant’s face and torso. 

 As a result of VISTA oversize canopy, these issues are solved.

Another thing which you’re likely to love about this sunshade is your viewing window. 

UPPAbaby understands how valuable is the baby’s rest time — that is why their legendary stroller has a peek-a-boo window using hushed magnetic closure. 

Therefore you can spy on your little one whenever you want without needing to worry about waking them up.

This window is made of mesh so that it provides a nice airflow — very practical feature for summer strolls.

Oh, and there is one more thing about the hood I have to mention!   If your baby has taller you slip the canopy up.  How great is that?!

 The headroom is 21-23″.  Since 2017 VISTA canopy has a better lock, so when you slip it up and down it stays in the place better. 

On the last models, the substance was also upgraded and now it does not wrinkle that much.

Bassinet (from birth – up to 20 lbs / 25″)

This stroller also includes a bassinet that you are able to use from day one before your baby is 20 lbs and 25″.
 The mattress pad at the bassinet is tight and allow the air to circulate.  The base is vented as well.

On hot days you can additionally unzip the rear panel of the canopy to get additional air-flow.  

As a result of these features, your little one will stay cool and comfortable — no sweating, no overheating!

I also enjoy the major canopy with a sun visor that almost touches the apron when fully extended. 

It gives complete protection against wind and sun rays so that your newborn baby could break or break undisturbed.  And you could love summer strolls without worrying about sunburns.

And if something spills out along with your baby vomits during the stroll you will be able to wash out the bassinet without any problems. 

The interior liner and boot cap are easy to remove and you can throw them to the washing machine.

There is one more benefit of UPPAbaby Bassinet — it’s accepted for overnight sleep if you include UPPAbaby Bassinet Stand (check it here).

The bassinet was updated for the 2018 model of UPPAbaby VISTA plus they keep this updated version for VISTA 2019.

Since 2018 it has a more squared shape and thanks to that it matches 2.5 inches more mattress. 

This change enables to accommodate taller babies and provides your baby more room to grow.  But you don’t need to worry the entire bassinet has bigger or bulkier — current bassinet has exactly the same size as on VISTA 2017.

To sum up, VISTA 2018 and 2019 have precisely the same bassinet, but the older version — VISTA 2017 includes a marginally smaller mattress.  The size and appearance will be the same.

Personally, I have been using this UPPAbaby Vista for my twins, at first with two bassinets, today with a toddler chair and Rumble Seat. 

I prefer bassinets in the first months because they provide a completely flat place for a baby’s delicate spine and that I can regulate a baby’s temperature. 

I am not a fan of having a car seat for extended strolling, therefore VISTA and its bassinets were perfect for my needs.  ~ Zooey

UPPAbaby VISTA Travel System (with the additional purchase of MESA infant car seat)

 It just simply clicks on the framework. 

VISTA can be also easily turned into a travel system thanks to compatibility with other infant car seats (for example Chicco Keyfit car seat and Maxi-Cosi Mico car seat).  If that’s the case, you will require a special adapter to attach the car seat to the frame.

Due to the travel system, alternative parents may use VISTA from birth not just with the bassinet but also with infant car seats. 

It’s very handy especially if parents drive a lot with their infant and wish to quickly change between stroller, car, and home.

The beauty of walking with a car seat is that you don’t need to wake your baby up by taking them out of the car seat and putting it to the bassinet.

 You can walk while your baby is still sleeping in a car seat (it is a solution rather for small distances though).

UPPAbaby VISTA as the expandable stroller

All versions of VISTA expand to accommodate second child — you may add a second bassinet, car seat or Rumble Seat for a toddler.

Remember that although both seats look very similar, the Rumble Seat has reduced weight capacity (35 lbs instead of 50 lbs).

VISTA 2019, 2018 & 2017 are also compatible with the PiggyBack board hence this expandable stroller may accommodate up to three children.

As you can see this is an extremely multitasking stroller! 

In the picture below there are all the seating mixes for two kids.  UPPAbaby VISTA gives flexibility and adapts to parents’ requirements!

The only thing which I do not enjoy about enlarged VISTA is the combo of the bassinet and toddler seat.  As you can see in the picture above, the bassinet must go below the toddler seat. 

I definitely prefer to maintain the younger infant closer to me (especially a newborn).  The good thing is you may join the infant car seat at the upper position.

Another common problem with expandable strollers would be the blend of two bassinets — they are extremely near each other and the upper one completely covers the lesser one, which means you can’t watch your baby if you don’t shut the canopy.

Parents who plan on utilizing VISTA for two children should continue to keep those issues in mind.

The UPPAbaby VISTA adapts to a developing family and even three kids can ride inside at the same moment! 

With some additional purchases, this stroller allows you to install two infant car seats or bassinets or toddler seats (or one of each) and there’s also a location where the next, oldest kid can stand during strolling.

Watch more fantastic strollers together with the choice of expanding.  If you’re looking for a contemporary convertible stroller for one child check my standing.

Wheels & Suspension

These are different features that you are likely to love about this stroller since they make it really multi-functional. 

VISTA wheels handle many types of terrain and ensure that your little one is constantly using a smooth and pleasant ride. 

Front wheels are 8″ and the back ones are 11.5″.  What is noteworthy the layout of the wheels has been enhanced during the last few decades. 

Since 2017 UPPAbaby VISTA has wheels, which can be more durable and give the stroller better maneuverability and a quieter ride. 

VISTA 2016 and old versions needed foam-filled rubber wheels.  However, whatever the model you choose, you’ll not have a flat tire or need to worry about inflating!

Since 2018 UPPAbaby VISTA has also new front wheel design.   So today they are more curved than in older versions and have more tread.

For VISTA 2019 there are no functional changes, so if you purchase the 2019 or 2018 version you will obtain the exact same wheel — manufactured from polyurethane as well as the new front wheel design.

In each edition of UPPAbaby VISTA, front wheels are pivoting and can be secured for riding over tougher terrain.  This stroller manages various types of surfaces, even wooded paths, not just thanks to amazing wheels but also shock-absorbing suspension placed on wheels.

This means less vibration and a more smooth ride!  You can go with your VISTA even for an off-road walk. 

Maneuverability and pushing

UPPAbaby VISTA is very comfortable to push, The majority of the time you can steer it with one hand, but this stroller is really wide therefore one-hand pushing can decrease your control in tight turns. 

But you need to remember that especially when you expand VISTA to a double stroller, it gets more clumsy, so it could be more challenging to maneuver clear of tight spaces or audiences. 

In this case, you will also need two hands for shoving.

Although the wheels are not air-filled like in joggers, they can go over just about any type of terrain: outdated sidewalks, cobblestone, grass, gravel, and snow… not the shore sand, but it is still pretty striking as for an everyday stroller!  According to many parents, this stroller works like a dream.


VISTA stroller has a foot-operated parking brake. Tap the pedal after to lock the rear brakes and tap it again to unlock them.  Easy-peasy.  Thanks to this mechanism the brake is easy to place and release in open-toed shoes or even with a barefoot!

It’s a pedicure-friendly break since you don’t have to lift the pedal with your foot.  This is another excellent feature of this stroller.

Moreover, the brake pedal includes a green and red indicator that informs parents if the brake is engaged or released, so you may make certain you place the brake properly.


Another useful function is that the extendable telescoping handlebar which is a great feature for parents of different elevations.

In bulk strollers, the handlebar adjusts by rotating and tall parents sometimes push the stroller while still being really near it and are very inclined to kick against it. 

They manage just telescopes in and out of the framework so tall parents don’t kick the rear of the stroller through walking.

When my husband, who is 6’2 and a foot taller than me, desires to roam VISTA, he simply pushes the button and slides the handlebar upward, until its height is comfortable for him.  This handlebar is very much like the one which Bugaboo Donkey has.  ~ Zooey

What is noteworthy is that over the past couple of years the brand has altered the handlebar cover.

Since 2018 all models of VISTA stroller come with REAL leather handlebar and bumper bar. According to the producer, this substance does not contain any material.  

These new leather bars provide the stroller a wise appearance.  The leather is available in several colors — note the manufacturer has added some new color selections for VISTA 2019.

In 2017 just a couple of color variations of UPPAbaby VISTA had leather cover for the handlebar.  Previous models did not have that option at all — that the handlebar had only foam cover. 

But when you have old VISTA (2016 or 2015) and would like to include leather cover to your handlebar, you can buy it individually (for example here).


UPPAbaby VISTA stroller has a BIG basket under the seat where you can keep a diaper bag, snacks, baby toys and other everyday essentials (overall capacity of 30 lbs).

 The basket is readily accessible, particularly from the back.

You can walk from the house for an entire day and all your necessary supplies will match in that basket. 

There is also a very useful small pocket set on the rear of the seat, where you can put your keys and phone (it can be too little to get a jar of water). 

It has a zipper to secure your things from inadvertently falling out during the stroll.


VISTA is created from high-quality materials so that the stroller will serve you for a long time.   The seat is nicely padded and the material is very easy to wipe clean.

Since 2018 VISTA has fresh fabrics that are somewhat mat and less shiny compared to VISTA 2017.

The framework is constructed from aluminum and magnesium alloy making it light, but very durable at precisely the exact same time. 

Another change that has been created for VISTA 2018 (and retained for VISTA 2019) is the frame is powder-coated, instead of carbon-coated. 

So today it’s mat finish and it’s less susceptible to scratching.

Weight & Size

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 and UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 weigh the same – 26.6 lbs. The frame weighs 19.3 lbs, the seat is 7.3 lbs and the bassinet is 8.8 lbs.

This may be not the lightest buggy in this category but I figure its features and versatility compensate its size and weight.

It’s also worth to mention that 2017 version weighs slightly less — 26.3 lbs, while the old version from 2016 weighted 27.5 lbs!

Another notable thing is that presently the stroller is a bit narrower.  Since 2017 VISTA is 25.7″ wide, while 2015/2016 models were 26.5″ wide. 


Folding VISTA is very simple, and the new version is much easier and could be done with one hand.  You can fold the stroller using the seat attached or you could remove it first.

The great thing about VISTA is the fact that it has an automatic lock that holds the folded buggy closed, and it may stand alone on its own when folded.

Specification Of UPPAbaby VISTA


This was our first stroller we were a tiny nervous, it’d be hard to put it all together.  However, it was that it was very simple. 

It required less than 10 seconds!  And one more great thing about VISTA is that there is another color indicator that informs whether the seat is properly installed into the frame (green indicator).

Extras for its convenient ride (included)

UPPAbaby VISTA comes with two bug shields, one for the bassinet and one for toddler seat.

There’s also a rain cover for the seat and specially designed storage bag for the bassinet.  The bumper bar for the regular seat is included also.

Notice that the majority of the high-end strollers don’t offer these conveniences. 

I believe it is a great advantage of this VISTA that it comprises shields because with my other strollers I needed to buy them separately.

Still, some parents complain a $700+ stroller doesn’t include accessories like parent console or child tray.  These things are sold independently.

Pros & Cons

To sum up my review I put the major advantages and pitfalls from the table below.  Keep in mind that it’s just my view.

What did other parents think about UPPAbaby VISTA?
I always check customer reviews on Amazon to learn what other people think about the product I am about to purchase (particularly when it’s so expensive like VISTA). 

There are dozens of favorable remarks — both for VISTA 2018 and VISTA 2017.  Beneath you can see which attributes are the most and least favorite for parents.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2017

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The main assets that parents cite are adjustable handlebar, easy folding, big and readily reachable basket, easy meeting, responsive customer service, high-quality materials and cloths, smooth ride.

Parents also cite few flaws: this isn’t the lightest stroller on the market (but even tiny moms do not have problems with placing it to the car trunk) and it is wider than many other standard strollers, therefore, it may be more difficult to navigate through tight sidewalks or crowds.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

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According to clients, VISTA is very easy to push and turn.  It rolls very smoothly.  Enormous basket where you are able to fit ALL of your equipment, even for a weekend excursion is just another advantage. 

Moreover, parents love the bassinet, which is somewhat extended from the new version, and the entire stroller looks just amazing.  Parents compliment the workmanship, quality of fabrics and colors.

Clients say folding is easy however, the stroller isn’t very convenient to carry.  Removing and adding seats/attachments is quick and easy. 

However, the seating option where the bassinet is about the bottom position and toddler seat is at the top is not good.  One parent says it’s too bumpy for an infant in the bassinet.

One person complains the parking brake does not always unlock correctly.  Moreover, this stroller isn’t very convenient for public transport as it’s hard to pop the wheels up for over the gap once you are boarding a subway or train.


Each version of UPPAbaby VISTA comes with a standard toddler seat, bassinet, bumper bar, insect guards for bassinet and toddler seat and rain cover for toddler seat. 

This stroller is pricey so it would be really weird if it did not include any accessories.

Nonetheless, there are still a few different items that you may purchase separately to make using VISTA even more pleasurable. 

Here I present you a few of the accessories that are sold individually.

UPPAbaby Carry-All Parent Organizer — It easily attaches to the handlebar and enables parents to maintain their valuables and essentials within reach. 

There are three storage pouches to your wallet, keys, phone, and some snacks.  They can also double as drink holders


UPPAbaby Cup Holder — A useful accessory that allows mom and dad to maintain their own water accessibly.

UPPAbaby Snack Tray – It offers a convenient place for kid’s snacks and sippy cup.

UPPAbaby Infant SnugSeat         — You may add this soft and cozy to insert to the toddler seat so that your infant could feel much comfier and secured in it. 

It supplies additional head, neck and spine support for younger babies.

UPPAbaby Rumble Seat — In case you want to utilize your VISTA for just two kids who can sit unassisted, you’ll need to bring the Rumble Seat.  Notice that it has lower weight capacity (35 lbs) than a normal toddler seat.

Color versions

Each year UPPAbaby changes their style lineup for VISTA stroller.

For the 2018 version, there are two main collections of styles: Mélange and Center. 

The brand offers 9 colors for VISTA 2018.

All Mélange styles look really stylish and chic and have a clear texture.  I am very excited that VISTA 2018 comes from Gregory color — moms’ favorite fashion for UPPAbaby CRUZ 2017.  Yaay!

In my view, Henry and Gregory are the most gorgeous versions.  They appear to be very similar, however, the Gregory is a bit more grey-ish, which you can see in the image above.

If you are likely to buy the newest edition of UPPAbaby VISTA (2019) you may have 3 brand new colors to choose from Spenser, William, and Bryce.   Loic and Taylor are stopped.

Okay, so let me tell you a little bit more about the new premium styles.

Spenser is a grey tartan plaid with yellow accents. This version will include a full-grain moss leather handlebar and bumper bar.  The fabric feels soft, almost like cashmere!

Moreover, the bassinet includes a cozy, soft textured heather gray liner which also feels like cashmere.  The texture seems somewhat like perforated, very breathable. 

William is a Chambray Oxford fabric. It’s blue with white and navy accents. This fashion includes a full-grain navy leather bumper bar and handlebar.

Bryce is white marl.  This is the all-white version, a bit shiny. It comes with chestnut pubs (darker than the bars in Loic from this past year). Bryce is going to replace Loic, but keep in mind it’s a different feel — it’s more like texture on Henry.

In previous years bassinets were black and just the canopy and apron possess exactly the same color as the stroller. This will change, at least for all these 3 new colors. The bassinets will possess matching colors.

 Spenser bassinet has a grey bottom, but the canopy and apron are exactly the same tartan plaid as stroller canopy.

Apart from such changes in styles, UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 remains the same as VISTA 2018. They have the same functions and features.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 is already available in the marketplace! Don’t forget to check it here.

Just for your reference, UPPAbaby VISTA 2017 had a different color lineup: Henry (Blue Marl), Austin (Hunter green), Loic (White), Dennison (Bordeaux), Sabrina (Orchid), Jake (Black), Pascal (Grey) and Taylor (Indigo).


UPPAbaby VISTA 2019 vs UPPAbaby VISTA 2018

There are no operational updates for VISTA 2019. The one thing that has been changed is the color lineup.

In 2019 VISTA is offered in three new colors: Spenser, William, and Bryce. From older versions, the newest kept: Gregory, Emmet, Jordan, Henry, Jake, and Denny.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 vs UPPAbaby VISTA 2017

VISTA has shifted for 2018 more than for 2019. All changes in functions and design which were created for 2018, use for VISTA 2019 as well.

Since 2018 VISTA has fresh front wheels — which have the same thread pattern and shape as the rear wheels.

All color versions come with a leather handlebar and bumper bar — they were available only for some color versions.

VISTA 2018 has also updated bassinet with 2″ longer mattress.

Another modification made for 2018 is the fashion lineup. 2018 model has 9 colors: Henry, Gregory, Jordan, and Emmet, Jake, Loic, Denny, Taylor, Sabrina.  The material on the chair and canopy is also a little different from the 2017 model since it is less shiny. The handlebar has now a powder coat so it’s less scratchy.

UPPAbaby VISTA 2017 vs older models

Since 2017 VISTA has polyurethane wheels, they were made from rubber and full of foam. Thanks to the improvement the journey is much smoother.

VISTA 2017 was roughly 1 lb lighter than VISTA 2016. Since 2017 the stroller is slightly narrower (25.7″ vs 26.5″).

2016 VISTA and old versions had polyurethane cap on the handlebar. In 2017 the brand introduced leather covers for some of the color versions.

Another improvement made in 2017 is the canopy design. Since 2017 it locks in position better and it’s less wrinkly.

2016 and old versions of VISTA had different color lineup — in 2017 UPPAbaby established Henry color.

VISTA 2019 vs VISTA 2018 vs VISTA 2017 – Which model is the best one?

In my opinion VISTA, 2017 was really awesome and high quality and undoubtedly among the best strollers on the market. The new features and upgrades for 2018 are useful and make this stroller much more convenient to use. Changes for 2019 make this stroller more tasteful and beautiful.

If you have a couple of extra dollars, I would definitely recommend you to choose VISTA 2018, but should you have to follow your finances, the 2017 model won’t allow you down for sure! If you are a fashion enthusiast, VISTA 2019 is going to be the ideal option, but keep in mind the premium colors may be more pricey (you can check the prices here).

See if you’re able to find any discounts for VISTA 2017 or check the most recent price for VISTA 2018.


 However, as soon as we take a closer look we’ll see that these strollers have some critical differences.  What features are like VISTA and CRUZ and what are the differences?  This is my brief comparison of both of these baby strollers.


Both strollers are outfitted with regular toddler seat that can accommodate a baby around 50 lbs and 40″.  Both seats are reversible and reclinable and have bumper bars.

VISTA and CRUZ are compatible with many car seats (with adapters) and there is also one infant car seat specially made for them, named MESA.

Both vehicles have foam-filled rubber wheels that absorb shocks.

Both VISTA and CRUZ have an extendable, telescoping handlebar.

Both of these strollers have large canopies, with sun protection and peek-a-boo windows.

CRUZ and VISTA possess an automatic lock and they stand on their own after folding.

Both strollers come with an insect defense and rain cover.

Both products are of high quality and very easy to use.


VISTA has four-wheel suspension, in contrast to CRUZ, making it easier to drive and navigate.

CRUZ has smaller wheels compared to VISTA (7″ and 8.5″ vs. 8″ and 11.5″).

VISTA’s brake is equipped with the color indication that shows whether the brake is set or released.

CRUZ is lighter, smaller and tighter than VISTA.

VISTA’s seat reclines more than CRUZ’s (23.6° vs 27.8° in the ground).

VISTA has a bigger basket beneath the seat compared to CRUZ (weight limitation 30 lbs to 25 lbs).

Keep in mind

When you convert VISTA into a double stroller it is fairly heavy and large, so it can be tricky to steer with one hand through tight spaces.  Additionally, it is among the most expensive strollers.

3 Reasons Why You Will Love UPPAbaby VISTA

  1. This stroller is a promise of high quality, durability, and security.
  1. It may be your sole stroller and function you for three kids at a time.
  2. As a result of great wheels and suspension, you’ve got the flexibility to stroll with your baby where you want.

Do you intend on buying this stroller after reading our UPPAbaby Vista Reviews?


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