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10 best baby bottles for newborns to Buy 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

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Baby bottles are a definite must-have list, but with so many choices available on the market, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Lets find out best baby bottles for newborns.

There’s a lot you need to know about finding the right one for the baby before you even pick a bottle. Purchase one or two before you commit to a bunch of the same sort of bottle, and check them with your baby.

Various babies prefer different shapes, sizes and textures, and until you really use it, it can be hard to know which one will work for you.

Nevertheless, you can narrow down your option to try out three or four different bottles, and see what works from there. Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting work.

Features to Consider in best baby bottles for newborns.

When you buy your baby’s bottle there are many different aspects to consider. The selection that you make can have a negative or positive impact on the experience of feeding your baby. Felt overwhelmed? You just don’t have to. We are here to assist.

Here are some key aspects.

The Nipple

Most bottles have a variety of nipple sizes & flows to offer. Choosing the right nipple flow is extremely important for your baby’s age:
New born – 3 months: A slow flow nipple should be given to new born babies to prevent choking& overeating.

Babies aged 3 – 6/6 – 12 months: Medium flow nipples may be given to babies in both these age categories.

Toddlers 12 – 18 months: Fast-flow nipples can be given to Toddlers.

Some types of nipples may have specifications different from those listed above. For each brand follow the guide lines accordingly.

Why Using the Correct Nipple Is Important

Choosing the right nipple will avoid various conditions & risks such as: Most bottles offer a range of nipple sizes & flows. Choosing the right nipple flow is extremely important for your baby’s age:

Delayed speech: When your baby is breastfed, inside the mouth and tongue, he or she develops muscles that are responsible for correct speech abilities. If you select a nipple that is too easy to suck on, those muscles may not develop fully.

Nipple confusion: You should select a nipple that resembles your own if you’re breastfeeding your baby. That prevents your baby’s nipple rejection & self-weaning.

Choking: If nipples releases too much milk at once, this is why you should select a slow flow for smaller babies as there is a risk of choking.

Over-eating: If your baby swallows too much milk per serving, he or she may be over-fed and spitting & reflux may result.

The Bottle Size

Smaller & slimmer bottles are safer for both you and your baby to hold. Always consider feeding bottle capacity. Low capacity bottles work fantastically for newborn babies. You would have to buy new bottles however as your baby grows older and needs more per serving.

Financially, choosing a bottle with a greater fluid capacity will be a wiser choice. Then you just have to change the nipple as your baby gets older, and not the whole bottle.

Toxic Free

Most bottles that feed are made of plastic. Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in plastic manufacturing. This toxic substance has been associated with a lot of health problems including cancer.

Please pick plastic which is free of BPA. Some harmful substances to watch out for include: Lead ,Phthalate, PVC, BPS Carefully read the label & pick bottles free of these chemicals to avoid digesting harmful toxins to your infant.

Specific Designs

Feeding bottles can assist in the relief of many health conditions. Here are a few examples:

Reflux: Select a slow feeding bottle to avoid spitting your baby up. Anti reflux bottles will prevent overflow & air bubbles to enter your baby’s mouth.

Colic & gas: Anti colic bottles are made with vents to keep the air from penetrating into the nipple.This will keep your baby safe from swallowing air while feeding .

Ear infections: Is your baby suffering from recurring ear infections? It might be the position you ‘re feeding him or her in. Pediatricians recommend keeping your baby upright during bottle feeds. Angled bottles provide comfortable feeds for your baby & prevent liquid build up in the ears that cause ear infection.

Guide to Buying the best baby bottles for newborns.

Sterilization Methods

After each use, fodder bottles should be washed to extract milk and some of the bacteria. Here’s how a bottle should be washed after a feed:

  • Clean the bottle & nipple with cold or warm soapy water.
  • Use a bottle & nipple brush to clean up any dry milk left behind on hard to reach
  • Rinse the bottle with clean water, and nipple again.
  • Leave for air dry .

The killing of harmful bacteria & germs requires more sterilization. Bottles should be sterilized before the baby starts to crawl, or if desired, even later. Sterilization can be done bt various method.

Disinfectant solutions: These are water-diluted chemical solutions. Bottles will soak up in the chemical solution for more or less 30 minutes after regular cleaning. Never rinse bottles and nipples after you have removed them from the chemical solution as this will allow bacteria to re-build.

Extreme heat: The application of extreme heat to your bottles such as boiling water can destroy harmful bacteria. Boil bottles & nipples for 5 min so leave to cool down.

Steam bottle sterilizers: Sterilizers will have different instructions, and follow them to the letter is best. Normally, bottles should be put upside down & closed for a few minutes inside a lid to allow hot steam to develop inside the unit. This will kill  germs which cause health problems in babies.

Dishwashers: Dishwashers can be used to use heat & steam for bottle feeding. Always just placed the bottles on top rack. When you sterilize feeding bottles do not put any other dishes in the dishwasher.

Poor Sterilization

Would you feel too busy to sterilize the bottles that feed your baby? It’s very normal for new moms to get over exhausted and have low energy. But before you ignore the methods of sterilization, you should know it can have horrible consequences:

Gastroenteritis: an infection in the intestines that causes loose stools, cramps and tummy pain.

Thrush: Thrush is a form of fungal infection that is highly contagious on your baby’s bottles & can spread. It can cause extreme mouth & oesophagus pain in your baby resulting in a screaming, hungry baby.

Lowered immune system: If your baby is too regularly exposed to bacteria, the immune system can be weakened causing recurrent and persistent diseases.

Reflux & Spitting

Gastroesophageal reflux disorder is most often seen in children under age one. Babies with GERD will often spit milk in the esophagus as a result of stomach material pushing back up. GERD is a more severe form of reflux, and should be medically treated.
The GERD signs include:

Back arching.

Vomiting or spitting frequently.

Too much crying.

Peaks around the age of 3-4 months.

Treatment for GERD is not usually required. Your paediatrician may prescribe mild anti-acid drugs for your baby. Changes in lifestyle can help ease symptoms and discomfort in your baby.

Here are a few tips:

  • Feed your baby in an upright position.
  • Keep your baby in an upright position following feeding.
  • Raise your baby’s cot or invest in an anti-reflux cushion designed to keep your baby upright while sleeping.
  • Use bottles & nipples specially designed for feeding to prevent reflux.
  • If you give the formula to your baby you can try a thicker consistency to keep the milk down.
  • When you’re breastfeeding remove foods such as onions or spices from your diet.

Colic & Gas

The worst nightmare to any parent. Colic can start at about 2 weeks of age, and can last up to 3 months. It is believed that 25 per cent of babies have colic.

Here are the symptoms, so you know when to act:

  • Cry for more than three hours a day.
  • Crying inconsolable.
  • Crying tends to get worse tonight.
  • Some babies may pull up their legs toward the chest.
  • Some babies may pass gas.
  • Stomach unsettled.
  • Peaks at age 6-8 weeks.

Colic baby parents will tell you the only way to treat colic is to wait for it out. However, there are a few methods you can use to help alleviate your baby’s pain.

Use feeding bottles to prevent your baby from swallowing bubbles of air.

Keep your baby close to you.

Apply heat to tummy of your baby. Make sure your baby doesn’t burn.

Massage in clockwise direction of your baby’s tummy.

Give the probiotics prescribed for your baby to balance the PH levels inside the intestines.

Top 10 Best Baby Bottles For Newborns to Buy In 2020

1.Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta Bottle

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Why we like it:We’re not sure who will be more fond of these bottles, you or your baby. We totally love this Tommee Tippee party pack with all the various colors available.

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature range is of course an award-winning range to reduce confusion in the nipple. Great for breastfeeding moms who also wish to feed on bottles.

The Tommee Tippee fiesta pack has six fun colored bottles to sell. These are designed to mimic the breast of the mother to avoid rejection of nipples.

It makes an ultimate in comfort for natural stretch & flex. The Easi vent valve allows extra slow flow to prevent air from building up & spitting up.

The seal cap for hygiene allows you to keep germs & bacteria on the bottle of your baby at bay. The bottle was designed to be held in three different ways to make it easier for your baby to hold on to its growth and preferences during a feed.

It is also user friendly for parents because bottles are labelled for accurate measurements in milliliters & ounces.

Additinal Characterstics

You are offered the Tommee Tippee bottles:

  • BPA free.
  • Easi vent valve slow flow nipple to prevent choking.
  • Free Phthalate.
  • Suitable For infants & babies of all ages due to the varying age of suitable nipples available.
  • The bottles are available in various colors such as pink, light blue, yellow, green, orange, red, purple and dark blue. This lets you choose from a variety of options.
  • These bottles are specifically designed for bottle feed & breastfed infants.
  • Babies who struggle with latch will also benefit from bottle use.
  • If your baby suffers from colic these bottles will be very helpful in keeping control of colic symptoms such as pain. .

Cleaning Instructions

  • Please thoroughly purify all bottles before feeding your baby.
  • Thoroughly clean off the bottle with cold water water to avoid any excess milk or water.
  • Replace all four removable pieces, and wash them with cold water & soap separately.
  • Use a bottle-sterilizer, microwave or dishwasher to sterilize the bottles.
  • Bottles can be left dry to air.
  • Don’t clean bottles with a cloth

Including what?

You may expect to find the following in your party box for the Tommee Tippee:

  • Six Tommee Tippee feeding bottles.
  • Six caps of Tommee Tippee.
  • Six Nipples Tommee Tippee.


  • Valve ensures less gas build up.
  • BPA free.
  • Range of different colors.
  • Phthalate free.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe.
  • Award winning nipple design


  • Nipples have been reported to collapse in some cases.
  • Measuring numbers can rub off.

2.Philips Avent Anti Colic Bottles Clear

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Why we like it: The bottles of Avent anti colic offer proven results against symptoms of colic. Babies aged two weeks and older, while being fed, showed 60 per cent less fussing than babies fed with other branded feeding bottles.

A clinical study proving to be sleepier for both you and your baby? How can that product not be loved?

The anti-colic Philips Avent bottle is designed to minimize your baby’s discomfort by reducing gas & colic with the Airflex ventilating system.

The nipples ‘ ribbed texture provides an anti-collapse feature to allow your baby to get an uninterrupted feed. The design of the wide neck allows easy cleaning & less spillage.

You’ll receive a pack of three bottles in your box which means your baby will always have a clean bottle available.

Additinal Characterstics

The Philips Avent bottles offer a features such as;

  •  plastic material  used BPA free
  • Slow flow nipple to prevent choking.
  • Suitable for infants and babies of all ages.
  • The Avent bottle is specifically designed for bottle & breastfed babies.
  • It works great for colic babies too.
  •  Polypropylene Free BPA material.
  •  These bottles are available in plain, blue and pink.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Always thoroughly purify the bottle before feeding your baby.
  • Rinse with cold water over the bottle. Use a bottle brush, cold water & soap separately to take the four parts apart & wash.
  • Use a bottle sterilizer in the microwave, or make it hygienic.
  • After washing them allow the bottles to air dry.
  • Those bottles are safe for microwave use.
  • Bottle sterilizing liquid disinfectant may be used for extra cleaning.

Including what?

Your purchase includes:

Three bottles feeding
Three anti-colic caps
Three colic anti-Avent nipples flow slow.


  • Anti colic design.
  • BPA free material.
  • Easy to hold design.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe.
  • Clear markings for accurate measurements
  • .Designed to prevent leakage.


  • The bottles are expensive.

3.Comotomo Baby Bottle

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Why we like it Love cleaning easy? So we do. Because of the wide opening of the neck the Comotomo baby bottle is not only easy to clean but also because of the silicone used. With a skin like squeezable silicone body this bottle should be easy to hold.

Because of the soft nipple design the Comotomo feeding bottle allows your baby to latch easier. The silicone large neck body allows a brushless cleaning.

Yes you heard correctly, this bottle can be cleaned without using a bottle brush which makes cleaning incredibly easy. This leak & spill safe bottles also provides double vents to stop colic.

Additinal Characterstics

These bottles offer features such as:

  • BPA free.
  • PVC free
  • .Phthalate free.
  • Lead free.
  • Suitable for Children & babies of all ages due to the range of available nipple sizes & flows.
  • Unique style These bottles are specifically designed for bottle fed babies.
  • Breastfed infants struggle with bottle changes. Colic children & babies, who have a hard time properly latching.
  • Babies who have trouble keeping plastic bottles will be able to hold certain bottles more comfortably.
  • Containing Silicone material.
  • Available Colors These bottles can be bought in two different colours. You have a choice between pink and green.

Cleaning Instructions

  • This bottle provides quick cleaning. Rinse in cold water on the inside of the bottle.
  • Separately remove the cap & wash with cold water & soap.
  • Wash bottle inside with cold water & soap.
  • No brush will be needed, as the silicone body can be easily squeezed out.
  • Don’t use solvents or abrasive cleaning agents.
  • Sterilize only on top rack in a bottle sterilizer, dishwasher, or in the microwave.
  • Dry by left in the open air.
  • Don’t exceed the maximum bottle and nipple temperature of 180 ° C.
  • Do not exceed a maximum cap temperature of 120 ° C.

Including what?

Two bottles to feed

Two caps at Comotomo.

Two silicone nipples in the Comotomo.


  • BPA free material.
  • Easy to hold design with the silicone body.
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe.
  • Anti leakage design.
  • Anti drip design.
  • Prevents nipple confusion.
  • Variable flow nipples available.


  • Limited options as it’s only available in two colors.

4.Medella Breastmilk Bottle Set

Why we like it:The Medella breastmilk bottle kit is the perfect set of breastfeeding mum . The Medella bottles fit perfectly on any Medella breast pump so there’s no need to think about moving milk from one bottle to another.

What makes this even user-friendlier? The screw on lids providing free leak protection so you can travel without spilling any of your precious milk.

Those bottles are the number one breastmilk storage product recommended by the doctor in the U.S. The volume markings that are easy to read let you know exactly how much your baby had to drink. The travel cap is always to ensure a hygienic nipple.

Additinal Characterstics

Medella bottles offer:

  • BPA free material used.
  • Lead free material used.
  • Suitable for childrens and  babies of all ages due to the range of available bottle and nipple sizes.
  • The Medella bottles are specifically designed for both Breastfed and combined fed babies.
  • Colors Bottles are available only in the standard Medella brand.

Cleaning instructions

  • After each use clean the bottles. Rinse the bottle with cold water, inside and out.
  • After rinsing with cold water & mild soap wash the inside & outside.
  • A bottle brush fits well in these, and is easy to use.
  • Do not use solvents which are abrasive.
  • Thoroughly sterilize, and air dry.

Including what?

The following products can be expected in your package:

Three Medella feeding bottles.

Three medium flow nipples with a Medella wide base.

Three collars at Medella.

Three caps with Medella.

Three lids on the Medella.

A quick micro-vapor bag for sterilization.


  • BPA free material.
  • Lead free.
  • Cap designed specifically for travel.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Variety of bottle sizes available.
  • Physician recommended.


  • Nipple flow can result in choking in tiny babies

5.Dr Brown’s Original Bottle

Why we like it: Dr Brown bottles have designed air venting systems specifically to remove air bubbles. It helps avoid colic, spit & gas

The concept is also entirely ventilated due to similar suction to avoid nipple confusion.

The original set of bottles from Dr Brown provides you with four anti-colic bottles. With a simple lightweight design these bottles are easy to hold.

A significant decrease in spit-up helps your baby to receive and use the nutrients required by eating.

Additinal Characterstics

The Dr Brown bottles offer extra features:

  • BPA free packaging.
  • Slow design of the flow tank to avoid spitting up & choking.
  • Suitable for Infants & babies of all ages due to the range of available bottle and nipple sizes.
  • Though preferred for babies of smaller size.
  • Dr Browns bottles are specifically designed for breastfed, bottle-fed, and infants combined.
  • This is the best bottle also for babies suffering from reflux or colic
  • With these bottles, even babies who drink too fast will naturally drink slower. This is because of the design which will only allow the flow of milk in sections.
  • With Dr Browns branding on and blue vents, available Color bottles are clear.

Cleaning instructions

  • Instantly clean the bottles after use.
  • Remove the vent mechanism separately from the bottle & wash it.
  • Within & out clean the bottle & vent tube with cold water.
  • Using a small vent brush & a bottle brush to wash any component with cold water & mild soap;
  • Sterilization is next, and then involve drying of the bottles.
  • Prior to drying, bottles may be submerged in a sterilizing solvent.

Including what?

You will receive:

Four feeding bottle

Four nipples

Four venting devices

Four bottle caps

  • Prevents colic.
  • BPA free material.
  • Prevents reflux.
  • Travel cap makes traveling easy.
  • Dishwasher & microwave save.
  • Prevents choking.


  • Venting system is hard to clean

6.Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle With NaturalWave Nipple

Why we like it:When it comes to products for babies we reckon the better the more work we have done. Bottles that breastfeed Lansinoh are based on 50 years of research. This is a perfect bottle for moms who want to avoid confusion between nipples while still breastfeeding.
The Lansinoh bottles work in three ways to prevent confusion between the nipples: they have a smooth nipple for quick latching.Wave like movement promotes a breastfeeding-like suck.
Vents allow less gas to build up & make it easier for babies to swallow milk.

Additinal Characterstics

These are:

  • BPA-free bottles.
  • The layout of the air circulation system prevents coughing up & vomiting.
  • Free Phthalate.
  • Free Lead.
  • Suitable for Infants & babies of various ages.
  • Lasinoh bottles are specifically designed for formula feeding & breastfed babies.
  • If your baby suffers from signs of colic or reflux, you’ll probably benefit from those bottles.
  • Bottles are clearly marked with purple Lasinoh on.

Cleaning instructions

  • Always clean the bottles with cold water after each use by rinsing the bottle, nipple & cap inside & out.
  • A wash with mild soap in cold water works well.
  • Make sure it’s sterilized; only use the top rack when using the dishwasher.
  • Until drying, bottles may be put in a sterilizing solvent; read instructions on solvent carefully.

Including what?

The package consists of:

Three bottles to feed Lasinoh.
Three silicone lasinoh nipples.
Three caps on the bottle of Lasinoh.


  • Prevents colic & gas.
  • BPA free material.
  • Great for reflux symptoms & spit up.
  • Natural wave nipple to prevent nipple confusion.
  • Dishwasher & microwave save.


  • Still allow too fast milk flow.

7.Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottle

Why we like it: The special angled design allows for feeding upright. Why is this worth mentioning, asking you? It has been proven that feeding your baby upright will minimize & prevent ear infection.

The bottle also has a unique bottom vent design to prevent  your baby from swallowing air   This allows your baby to enjoy a colic-free feed every time.
The anti-colic bottles in the Playtex infant have anti-spit, anti-colic formula. You don’t have to think about the ambiguity between nipples. With the Naturalatch nipple design, this bottle makes an easy transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

Micro channel vents hold air at the bottle’s back while drinking. The textured nipple improves the ability to latch your baby.

Additinal Characterstics

The Playtex baby bottles offer  features:

  • BPA free.
  • Vents from the micro channel avoid spitting up & choking.
  • Suitable for  Infants & Babies  of all Ages.
  • The Playtex anti-colic bottles are specifically designed for breastfed babies. Children of colic, or reflux.
  • Those bottles would be useful if your baby drinks too soon so they prevent overeating.
  • Such bottles are designed specifically for children suffering with ear infections.
  • These bottles come in three colors. They can be found in pink, blue and clear

Cleaning instructions

  • With cold water, rinse the bottle and nipple in and out.
  • Wash each component individually, using a bottle brush & nipple brush, with cold water & mild soap.
  • The next move is to sterilize the bottles in a sterilizing jar.
  • You can place those bottles in the dishwasher.
  • Do not clean the bottles  and dry with a cloth — the best is dry air.

Including what?

Playtex offers you: Five bottles of Playtex
Five Nipples textured by Playtex.
Five bottle caps


  • BPA free material.
  • Design prevents ear infection.
  • Counters many nursing challenges


  • The slow flow nipples can cause clogging with thick formula

8.Evenflow Feeding Classic Twist Tinted Bottles

Why we like it:On those bottles we like the twisted style. Also the long slim shape works great for carrying babies of all ages.
The feeding bottles from Evenflow offer a simple, straight-forward design & shape.

Micro air vents prevent the loss of the nipples allowing your baby to drink without any interruptions. The gentle silicone nipple slow flow will prevent your baby from overfeeding or spitting.

You get a large amount of bottles which makes organizing your day easier; you won’t have to wash them so often. The large scale would also work for children.

Additinal Characterstics

Such bottles offer extra  features:

  • BPA free packaging.
  • Slow-flowing nipples to prevent vomiting & coughing.
  • Suitable for Children & Babies of all ages.
  • The Evenflow bottles are specifically designed for growing children. Such bottles can also be used by babies who are fed bottles or babies who tend to drink too quickly.
  • Colors available green, blue or teal.

Cleaning instructions

  • After each use always thoroughly clean the feeding bottles.
  • Inside and outside clean the bottle, nipple & cap with cold water.
  • Wash each component with cold water and mild soap, separately.
  • Use a bottle brush to purify the glass within.
  • Use a bottle sterilizer to clean the bottle, or use the dishwasher.
  • Leave the bottle on a drying rack to air dry.

Including what?

12 Fodder bottles textured with evenflow.
12 Slow-flowing, even-flow nipples.
12 Bottle caps by Evenflow.


  • Comes in a 12 pack.
  • BPA free material used.
  • Simple & easy to hold design.
  • Air vents prevent gas build up.
  • Affordable


  • There have been reports of bottles leaking.

9.NUK Simply Natural Bottle

Why we like it:The NUK  natural bottles having  more than one opening in the nipple. To be precise, a maximum of nine holes. The motive for this? Does not mom’s nipple just have one hole? It makes NUK’s simply natural bottles & nipples one of the most innovative designs during breastfeeding to imitate the flow.

The NUK simply natural feeding bottle is an anti-colic air system designed to prevent colic & gas The nipple is designed for flexibility and to avoid confusion with the nipple.

Inside your baby’s mouth the nipple changes shape the same way your nipple does during breastfeeding. Can you see why we brought these NUK nipples into our top 10 list?

Additinal Characterstics

The NUK provides simply natural feeding bottles:

  • free content from BPA.
  • The nipples with the anti-colic air system avoid throwing & choking.
  • Suitable for Children & babies of all ages are available due to different flows & sizes of nipples.
  • The NUK bottles are specifically designed for breastfed infants.
  • When using these bottles, the gas which causes colic in babies will be less.
  • Babies suffering from reflux will not be tempted to over-eat and there will be less spitting up.
  • bottles are transparent with a NUK logo on those bottles.

Cleaning instructions

  • All feeding bottles are always washed immediately after each use.
  • Within, clean the bottle & nipple with cold water.
  • Wash each part of the bottle with cold water & soap, separately.
  • Use a bottle brush to purify the bottle within.
  • Sterilize; you can use the top rack at the dishwasher.
  • You always have to air dry before using.

Including what?

Three NUK feeding  bottles
Three nipples of the NUK anti-colic system (three different flows available).


  • BPA free plastic used.
  • The nipples are made to ensure an easy latch.
  • Anti odor & stain design.
  • Easy to clean with large bottle opening.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Leaking often occurs.
  • Expensive product

10.MAM Anti Colic Bottle for Boys

Why we like it: Well first because with three easy steps it sterilizes itself in the microwave! That’s right. The bottle splits into five pieces and all you need to do is put it all inside the bottle in the microwave with water! The best part is it takes just three minutes! It is as easy as that, really!
None of the cute blue & written style hurts either. The perfect gift for any mum waiting for a child.
The anti-colic MAM bottle is designed to avoid spit-up & gas. The textured Skinsoft nipple makes it easier for the baby to latch & avoids confusion with the nipple. These flasks are easy to hold and easy to clean.

Additinal Characterstics

The anti-colic MAM bottles are offered to you:

  • BPA free material.
  • The anti-colic nipples inhibit spitting & choking
  • Secure from pvc.
  •  Lead free.
  • Secure BPS.
  • Suitable for two months and older Ages Babies.
  • The MAM bottles are specifically designed for both breastfed and bottle fed infants.
  • The style is made especially for boys.
  • Babies suffering from reflux or colic will also use such bottles.
  • Colors Available These bottles are light blue with animated impression.

Cleaning instructions

  • These bottles can be self sterilizing.
  • Rinse the bottle inside with water to remove the excess milk.
  • Wash all parts with water and soap, separately.
  • Place the nipple inside the base of the MAM bottle.
  • Pour one oz of water over the base. 3 minutes to heat in the microwave.
  • Ultimately allow dry air.

Including what?

Two bottles of MAM anti-colic feed.
Two Nipples of flat medium flow MAM.
Two bottle caps anti-leakage MAMs.


  • Flat nipple design fits into baby’s mouth easily.
  • The spill free bottle cap can also be used as a measuring cup
  • Removable vented base prevents gas.
  • Fast sterilization for moms on the go


  • Leakage occurs.
  • Gender specific design.

Final Words

Have you got a better idea which bottle to feed for your baby now? You are blessed to live at a time when there is a baby product that can overcome almost any difficulty that you will face.

So make it easy on yourself and make sure your baby feeds well. A nursing baby is a happy baby. And everything starts with the right bottle to feed.

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