Pregnancy Symptoms Week 1

Wonder ! 1 week pregnant is really not pregnant in any way . Say what ? !

Nearly all OBs calculate pregnancy beginning with the first day of your last menstrual period . That is simply because ovulation and also conception are actually difficult to determine , however the physical indications of menstruation are much simpler to notice . Therefore in medical language speak , one week pregnant signifies you’re on your menstrual period and not yet pregnant . You won’t basically conceive your baby until week 2 or 3 , based on the duration of your menstrual cycle .

If you’ve simply found you’re pregnant , you might think this is your first week of pregnancy , however you’re most likely around 4 weeks pregnant . Indeed , already ! ( Your OB provides you with a much more correct calculation whenever you go for your first prenatal consultation . ) Skip forward and check out week 4 .

At one week pregnant—remember in this initial phase , the signs and symptoms you are going through are common to your menstrual period simply because you are not really pregnant . These symptoms can persist from 3 to 7 days , that can include :

Vaginal bleeding . You body is shedding off the uterine lining , which carries last month’s unfertilized egg .
Lower back pain and cramps . To excrete that lining , your uterus contracts , leading to your back as well as abdomen to pain .
Bloated tummy . Changing hormones can present you with a bloated belly just right before and also during your menstrual period .
Mood swings . Those raging hormones may also result in irritation and also wreak destruction on your feelings .
Headache . Most women suffers from of menstrual migraines , that are additionally hormone related . ( Surprise , surprise . ) Ice packs , OTC pain relievers , and also relaxation workouts can help relieve the discomfort .

Inside your one week pregnant tummy , your body isn’t just releasing last month’s egg . It starts to develop a new uterine lining , which is able to carry upcoming month’s egg . You know , the one which can preferably get fertilized and mature and grow into a fetus ? !

Cool fact : Human eggs are the biggest cells inside the body . An egg is the size of peach fuzz . Your body are going to release one ( and in rare instances , two ) eggs somewhere day 10 and day 19 of your menstrual cycle—or approximately 14 days before your following menstrual period is predicted . It may be fertilized for around 12 to 24 hours there after . Oh , and also getting sexual relations before then is beneficial as well , because sperm may reside in your body for about six days .

The first indications of pregnancy won’t happen just right away—in reality , most women miss their menses at week 4 before they sometimes feel “different .” However a few well-known earlier indications of pregnancy in the first weeks after fertilization involve breast tenderness and sensitivity , nausea , exhaustion , and also recurrent desire to pee .

At 1 week pregnant ( a .k .a . hoping to be expecting shortly ! ) , you’re most likely planning on tips on how to prep your body to have a baby . It’s recommended that you begin pregnancy at a healthy weight and also totally free of nasty habits just like smoking and drinking . Cut down your caffeine consumption to the equivalent of a cup of coffee or two ( we’re discussing 8 ounce cups—not the venti ! ) every day .

You’re unlikely to get a one week pregnant ultrasound . However if you’ve been attempting for some time to become pregnant and have visited a fertility expert , you will have had an ultrasound to look for fibroids , to check the number of follicles ( which develop into eggs ) are actually in your ovaries and/or to measure the thickness of your uterine lining . In cases there is some issues , your doctor may recommend a fertility treatment which can help you get pregnant .

Now , prepare yourself to have some sexual activity . You’ve got a baby to make !

Guidelines for the week :

Quit unhealthy practice just like smoking , drinking , and also too much caffeine
Start a prenatal vitamin supplement with 400 mcg folic acid every day
Observe your menstrual cycle to figure out your most fertile days

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