The 8 Best Potty Seat For Training For Your Child

The 8 Best Potty Seat For Training For Your Child

Now, time has come-you think. Your child is showing signs of diaper fatigue. While that’s wonderful, that means it is time to find your son or daughter’s ideal potty training seat. Here we list The 8 Best Potty Seat For Training For Your Child.

Before we look at some great choices in training chairs and seating, their question is whether or not your child is ready to make the diaper leap. Many children aged between 22 and 30 months are ready for initiation, but it also depends on the individual child. The child’s gender is also a factor as boys tend to take longer periods of time compared to girls. When your toddler starts showing signs of readiness you should start potty training.

Our Expert Pick:

1)Best Overall: BABYBJORN Potty Chair

2) Best Full-Size: Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty

3) Most Comfortable: Summer Infant Step by Step Potty, Neutral

4) Best Travel: NOYBO Travel Squatty Potty Seat


The 8 Best Potty Seat For Training For Your Child

1)Best Overall: BABYBJORN Potty Chair


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Clean and simple is the name of the game for this potty chair. There are no whistles or bells but it is sleek, comfortable and easy to clean.

It has a high backrest, small arms armrests and a splash guard which parents say is particularly useful when it comes to little boys.

The whole thing is made of plastic, without any crevices, so it is simple to wipe it down and disinfect.
It’s great for boys or girls, so many different kids can use it.

It’s also a much less noticeable addition to a bathroom than some bigger, louder chairs, making it perfect for minimalists, those who like a clean, no-fuss look and children who may be intimated by a lot of chairs.

2)Best Real-Life: Summer Infant® My Size Potty

Summer Infant® My Size Potty

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Just like mom and dads-! This pint-sized potty looks just like the real deal and paves the way from potty training to full-on potty use to transition.

It features a handle which when pushed creates a realistic flushing noise and a seat that flips up and down. If you have a little boy in training, there’s a splash guard clip-on for keeping things neat.

There’s also a built-in wipes tray, so they’re easy to access when cleaning time comes.
The bowl comes out so that you can quickly clean it, and two AAA batteries are included so that you can get to work immediately.

For a sleek look or pink, it comes in white, which may be ideal for little princesses.

3) Best Multipurpose: Munchkin Arm & Hammer Multi-Stage 3-in-1 Potty

This is a potty seat that you will possibly use for years because as your child grows, it can be turned into three different tools. It starts with a removable cup, as a traditional potty chair.

It also features a special Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresh deodorizing disk that uses baking soda to keep things fresh and smelling clean. (Solo, refills are sold.)

There’s a removable cover that can be used on a full-size toilet when they’re ready to move on to the big potty. The chair often converts to a step stool to make it easier to reach the sink and wash your hands.

This award-winning potty chair fits well for boys and girls and for its flexibility and ease of use, the parents give it props.

4) Best for Girls: Wildkin Princess Throne Potty Chair

Give her a self-styled throne to sit on for a royal spin on potty training. The princess potty chair is pretty pink and purple and comes with a photo frame of 4 “x 6” so it can be decorated with the portrait of her majesty.

The frame is made of wood and plastic, and the middle holds a removable plastic bowl.
There is also a flexible lid over the bowl so when potty training is not in effect it can be used as a normal chair. A crown appears on the backrest, because of course.

If you have a little prince, don’t be afraid, there’s also a blue version available that’s inscribed with, “His Majesty’s Royal Throne.” There’s also a crown on top.

5) Best Features: Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty

If you want it to be bells and whistles, then this is your potty place. From music to lights, cheering noises and the sounds of “twirling water,” it’s all just a flush away.

They’re rewarded with more of the same when pee-pee hits the potty. From the flushing lever to the cheerful smiley face on the backrest, this chair is all about making potty training fun!

For the cleaning, the bowl is easy to remove, there are handles on each side to help children feel healthy. There’s also a little guy splash protection there.

The potty ring is also removed, so when they are ready to move on, it can be used on a full-size toilet. Three (not included) AA batteries are needed to fuel all that fun.

6) Best Full-Size: Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty
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All aboard! Get potty training on the fast track with this potty chair from Thomas & Friends. Little fans will love to have their favourite along for the ride as they know.

Fun train sounds and music cheer them on and make them as successful as possible. A built-in splash guard and a removable bowl make it easy to keep things clean.

The seat comes off for use on a full-size toilet, and it also turns into a hand-washing step stool or any other task where they need a lift.

Three AA batteries power about 50 hours of operation and one package is included with the chair so that you can get straight out of the box into the company.

7) Most Comfortable: Summer Infant Step by Step Potty, Neutral

Most Comfortable: Summer Infant Step by Step Potty, Neutral

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This potty chair is built with a view to comfort. Unlike many potty chairs made from hard plastic, this one has a cushioned, flexible back.

It also features an integrated toilet paper holder which holds a standard toilet paper roll to make a breeze wipe. There’s also a built-in wipe holder.

It can also be used as a step stool, and the cushioned seat can also be used for easy transition over a traditional toilet. This bright green-and-white version is ideal for boys or girls as well as a pink version.

8) Best Travel: NOYBO Travel Squatty Potty Seat

NOYBO Travel Squatty Potty Seat

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Have potty, you’ll be flying. This inflatable potty chair can be folded to fit in a suitcase, diaper bag or glove compartment ideal for potty training on the go.

Then when the need arises, simply blow it up and you have a potty. If you’ve ever felt trapped at home because you’re a little bit of a kid training, that seat gives you some independence.

Disposable plastic bags (20 included) fit inside the bowl and you just take them out and throw them for fast clean up after they go.

Designed to hold kids up to 66 pounds, it’s ideal for use in a pinch even after potty training has been mastered or for hiking, the beach or anywhere else bathrooms may not be accessible.

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