Best Lightweight Umbrella Strollers of 2020 You Must Need To Take A Look At

Best Lightweight Umbrella Strollers of 2020 You Must Need To Take A Look At

Sure, you and your toddler may love how sturdy your full-size stroller is. But when it’s time to toss your stroller into your car trunk when you are running errands or packing for a weekend trip to visit the parents, you may be looking to downsize. Input the umbrella stroller. Let’s find out best lightweight umbrella strollers you just need to take a look at.

Lightweight, smaller than a full-size stroller and made for on-the-go parents, umbrella strollers will ease up the load — and, keep your little one riding in style

Why you might need an umbrella stroller & Which are best lightweight umbrella strollers

Umbrella strollers are a pared-down variant of a traditional stroller and can weigh as little as 6 lbs. They are designed to be easy to carry around — a few even have a shoulder strap for that very purpose. What’s more, they fold down to become on the size of a — you guessed it — umbrella.

These attributes make umbrella strollers excellent for families that are on the move — possibly you live in a town and need to take a baby and her stroller up and down your apartment steps or on a bus.

Thanks to their smaller size, umbrella strollers are easy to stash in the trunk of your car so you’ll never be caught without one.

They are also perfect for travel — not just do these lightweight strollers fold-down little, but since this might function as a secondary stroller, you won’t mind as much when it gets banged up when you gate check it on your next excursion.

Many parents opt to leave an umbrella stroller someplace they visit frequently, such as Grandma’s home.

Most portable strollers are designed for infants 6 months and older who are able to sit up on their own. Some light baby strollers are okay for infants, but if you’re planning on placing your newborn in one, make sure it’s sturdy and the seatback reclines completely.

How to choose the best lightweight umbrella strollers for your baby.

Umbrella strollers normally arrive with fewer bells and whistles than the usual full-size stroller. Here Is What you Should Think about before you purchase:

Manoeuvrability: Afford the stroller around the store for a test drive with your toddler inside to determine how easy it is — or maybe not — to twist around corners.

storage: Together with their pared-down style, umbrella strollers have less storage than the usual full-size stroller. Some have none in any way.

Quality: Can the stroller seem and feel as though it is designed to last? Check the upper weight limit to gauge how a lot more years of use you and your child can expect to escape it.

Sunshade:  Many come with a sunshade that will protect your precious passenger in the sun’s beams.

Seat recline:  Children will be comfier for longer if you can change the seat recline on the go.

Ease of use: You’ll need a stroller that’s easy to fold and unfold, ideally with just one hand.

Safety features: At the minimum, it needs to have a three-point security harness to keep your babe securely sealed in and a lock for the wheels. It’s also advisable to look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal, which suggests that the product has passed rigorous safety standards. And make sure to keep baby’s fingers from the folding mechanism rather than hang anything on the back — you do not need a tip-over, especially with a baby on board.

Below are our favourite umbrella strollers on the market nowadays.

1)Best lightweight Umbrella Strollers for Long Days

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience StrollerSee Now

Why We Love It

With four reclining positions, she can sleep comfortably wherever you’re headed.

Taller caregivers will also love the handle; it is greater than many other small strollers on the current market, saving stress on your back.

Parenting Group Reviews

I really like it leans back to when he’s sleeping. Great lightweight stroller!

– Belly

2)The Lightest Umbrella Stroller

Maclaren Mark II

Maclaren Mark IISee Now

Why We Love It

If the stroller’s weight is your main priority, then look no further than the Maclaren Mark II. Another 2019 winner, this umbrella stroller weighs only a mere 7.3 pounds (the size of a newborn!)  And will hold up to 55 pounds.

This small stroller is designed with a one-handed folding mechanism, which makes it a great option for parents who are juggling a thousand things (and let’s be fair, what parent is not?).

The lifetime guarantee and washable seat imply this umbrella stroller will appear good through all the spills and blowouts certain to come your way. Newer versions also include a recliner option.

Parenting Group Reviews

“We have the Maclaren Mark II and enjoy it!

– Natalya

3)Best Affordable Umbrella Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella StrollerSee Now

Why We Love It

Shock-absorbing wheels make for a smooth ride, the small storage basket fits baby’s essentials, an extended canopy shields him from the sun’s beams and a cool-climate flap can roll up to increase air circulation on warm days

Grabbing lunch outside? The Kolcraft easily drops with a one-step fold, then stands upright.

In other words, storing this umbrella stroller in a restaurant — or back in the home — is a cinch. And at 9.5 pounds, it won’t be a work out to lift it up or downstairs.

Parenting Group Reviews

“It was simple to assemble, is lightweight, folds up easily and doesn’t occupy much space. It has a panel in the back which may be rolled up for superior air circulation when it’s hot and pulled down when it is colder, and it’s a huge canopy”


4)Best Umbrella Stroller for Travel

Gb Pockit Stroller

Gb Pockit StrollerSee Now

Why We Love It

Just how small is this umbrella stroller? It was called the”most compact stroller” in 2014 by the Guinness Book of World Records.

When folded, the Gb Pockit is about the size of a bread box and can fit in a large bag within the overhead bin of an aeroplane, which makes this the stroller of choice for many globetrotters.

The Gb Pocket has an aluminium frame and weighs just 9.5 lbs. With front swivel wheels, it’s easy to manoeuvre, even one-handed down a crowded city street — also, there’s under-seat storage for all your purchases.

Parenting Group Reviews

” I was in love with it when it came in the mail (it is so modest!), and am currently obsessed with it after having taken my daughter onto a plane trip for the first time. It safely and securely retains any baby car seat (acting as a travel program ), is simple to fold and unfold with a mature baby on your hip (especially useful when going through security!) , has a very smooth ride along with also a deep recline (my 9-month-old took all of her naps in it outside on vacation). Highly, highly recommend!”


5)Best Double Umbrella Stroller

Zoe XL2 Best

Zoe XL2 Best
See Now

Why We Love It

Just because you are pushing two doesn’t mean that you can not get a lightweight stroller. This double umbrella stroller weighs 16 pounds and includes a narrow (for a double stroller) 30-inch width, so it’s a breeze to squeeze through most doors.

Also good: The seats recline to 135 degrees and the stroller comes with a bag, so you can leave your purse in your home.

Not certain if this is the ideal double umbrella stroller for you? We love that Zoe offers a 365-day return coverage.

Parenting Group Reviews

“I have the Zoe XL2 along with also my two babes are 22 months apart. I went through a couple of different ones before purchasing it and it was undoubtedly the best choice for a stroller to us. It’s makes everything so much easier when you’re lugging around two children, their stuff, your stuff, and a stroller. It is a side-by-side but narrow enough to fit through all of the doors I’ve gone through, I have never needed to fold it up to get around anywhere.”

– Vickie

6)Best High-End Umbrella Stroller

Babyzen Yoyo+

Babyzen Yoyo+See Now

Why We Love It

The latest edition of the ever-popular Babyzen Yoyo+ provides all of the bells and whistles at a premium price. Smooth riding suspension, a large storage basket, an extendable colour, padded seats that recline — the list continues on and on. You may even put money into a bassinet attachment to use the stroller with newborns.

And when you’re hitting the roads, you will be stunned at how well it handles bumps and turns galore.

Parenting Group Reviews

” Purchase a BabyZen Yoyo+ stroller.  I just got back in 6 weeks [of travelling] and this stroller created airport travel much easier. It manages so well, I could push it one-handed and use my other hand for my bag.  Also crucial was that it takes up no space in the rental car”


7)Best Reclining Umbrella Stroller

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella Stroller

JOOVY New Groove Ultralight Umbrella StrollerSee Now

Why We Love It

Many lightweight umbrella strollers are only suited for older kids because they do not fully recline.  However, the JOOVY New Groove Ultralight umbrella stroller can take baby from 3 weeks — with its deep recline and bassinet manner — to toddlerhood (it may hold small ones up to 55 pounds).

This umbrella stroller also has two cup holders, a zipper pocket and mesh pockets in the chairs to store bottles, toys and much more.  When not being used, the small stroller collapses to an upright position and includes a shoulder strap to make it easy to carry around.

Parenting Group Reviews

” When I was deciding in an umbrella stroller I narrowed it down to two strollers… and ultimately, I went with all the Joovy New Groove Ultralight and completely love it.  It reclines almost flat, [has a] great storage basket, cup holder, pocket at the back for phone/keys/other parent material, two pockets for toys/sippy cup where the baby is sitting, a peekaboo window onto the canopy, good shade protection from the canopy and adjustable footrest.”- Stacy

8)Best Umbrella Stroller for Warm Weather

UPPAbaby G-Lite Stroller

UPPAbaby G-Lite StrollerSee Now

Why We Love It

A breathable fabric seat, 50+ UPF sunshade and cup-holder for easy-to-grab refreshments create the UPPAbaby G-Lite a great selection for warm-weather places (hello sunshine!).

But that’s not all: The four-point suspension handles uneven roads smoothly.  And even though it weighs less than 11 pounds, it may safely transport up to 55 pounds, so it can last as your toddler develops.

Parenting Group Reviews

” We travelled with the Uppababy G-Lite.  It’s so convenient!  It is the lightest one, we found that also had a nice large sunshade and had good reviews.  It has a shoulder strap so that it could be thrown over your shoulder.  We got it because our moms needed a lightweight stroller for when they’re with the little man, and the two of them handle it well!”

– Sable

9)Best Reversible Umbrella Stroller

Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller
Bugaboo Bee5 Complete StrollerSee Now

Why We Love It

Another luxury pick, the Bugaboo Bee is a fantastic selection for parents who want the convenience of an umbrella stroller without having to give up the added features of a full-size stroller.

For starters, this small stroller allows baby to ride away from or towards you.

With a reclining seat and adjustable-height barbell with faux leather grips, this ride is as comfortable for baby as it’s for you.  It’s roomy under-seat storage and folds down easily.

Finally, it works with several distinct brands of car seats (the adapter is sold separately) and the Bugaboo bassinet (also sold separately), and therefore you don’t have to wait until baby can sit up on his own to begin using it.

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