The 10 Best Lightweight Stroller For Newborn to Buy 2020

Does your present stroller weigh you done?  Perhaps it’s time for a brand new one.  Infants love a fun escape, but it shouldn’t equal a challenging time for you.

We have come a long way with baby strollers and infant transportation, and now there are lightweight choices. Let’s find out which are  Best Lightweight Stroller For Newborn.

Finding the perfect, lightweight stroller enables you to bring it along to the park, take as a carry-on bag, in addition to making it easier to manoeuvre throughout the city.

If that is the sort of advantage you’re seeking, a lightweight stroller is what you need to get.  It will offer you many of the same features as a conventional pushchair however at half the weight (or even less).

Though the market offers many strollers for your little one maybe not all of them are of the same calibre and reputation. Nowadays, we look at the best lightweight strollers you should think about in 2020 too as some of the features and factors you need to have in mind prior to diving into the purchase price.

Features to Think about in Best Lightweight Stroller For Newborn

Security features

It’s imperative to be sure the stroller features a safety buckle that can prevent your little one from falling or slipping out of the seat.  It should also have a parking brake to keep the stroller from rolling away when you are not pushing it.  The brakes should be easy to initiate.  A JPMA certified unit will add to your confidence regarding your baby’s safety.  Another feature to consider is that a peek-a-boo window so you can watch your little one through the ride.


Consider a stroller with large wheels for enhanced stability.  The wheels should feature a superb suspension to offer smooth and comfortable rides for your little one.  Elect for air-filled and foam-filled tires rather than plastic tires to ensure smoother rides constantly.

Swivel-wheels will make it easy for you to move the stroller around tight spaces.  Think about a stroller that allows you to lock the rotating wheels when on bumpy terrains to enhance stability.

A good stroller must feature a reclining seat for your baby’s comfort.  Consider one that tilts more than 150 degrees back in the event that you want to use it on a newborn.   Moreover, the seat needs to be well padded to provide your child with relaxation during day trips.


A duvet will shield your baby’s delicate skin from sunlight.  Consider a flexible one with a sun visor for optimum protection.  Keep away from Velcro closures because they are noisy and will disturb your baby’s sleep.  It will also be good to get one that’s removable for easy cleaning.  Another accessory to consider is that a rain cover that ought to be wind-proof to make certain your baby is well protected in the harsh weather.


Take a lightweight stroller that’s created of a high-quality frame and tough cloth to ensure it’ll serve your little one until they outgrow it.  Aluminium is a favourite choice for lightweight strollers since it offers a mix of durability and little added weight.


You will be carrying the stroller with you during your outdoor trips and you don’t want something which will provide you a difficult time within the period of transportation.  As a result, a convenient stroller should make it possible for you to fold and stow away while holding your baby on the opposite hand.

Top 10 Best Lightweight Strollers For Newborn In 2019


1) Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

The Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller
View On Amazon

Why we like it: The Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller offers solid construction that gives a strong stroller given its affordable price.  It is lightweight, folds with ease, also include a carrying strap making it convenient for on-the-go parents.  Its seat reclines with ease and comes with a 5-point harness for security.  It has an adjustable canopy and an ample storage area.

The Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller features a sturdy yet lightweight frame that will guarantee years of support without pulling you down.  Take it with you on the subway or to the airport thanks to the included transport handle.  The stroller holds a maximum weight of 50 pounds.  Making it ideal for 3-year-olds.

Its seat reclines with ease and tilts back to an almost horizontal position so you can alter your little one’s diaper or allow them rest.  There’s also the ability to tilt the seat up so that your son or daughter could detect their surroundings.  Its use adjusts to three different height positions significance it will grow with your child.  You will not have to worry about your baby’s comfort when using the tap thanks to the included padding.


The sunlight will stay away from your baby’s tender skin thanks to the added extendable canopy.  Pull out the sun visor during additional sunny days for extra coverage.  Its lead-free construction allows you to use the stroller in your little one confidently.  Front wheels are shock absorbent and provide smooth rides at which you travel.  Your child will be safely secured to the seat during your trips as a result of this 5-point harness.


The stroller is sold with a generous storage space where it is possible to carry your massive diaper bags and all the items you may need when out and about.  It also has a pocket on its back where you can store your keys and phone for easy access.  The cup holder presents the chance to have your baby’s bottle or your drink in an arm’s reach.


The Summer Infant 3D Lite stroller comes with an adjustable canopy using a sun visor making it appropriate for warm conditions.  The shock-resistant front wheels guarantee smooth rides on the rocky sidewalk so perfect for running around city errands.  It is lightweight (13 lbs.), folds with ease, and includes a carry strap.  In general, it’s the complete package concerning a high quality yet affordable lightweight stroller.


  • Offers convenient protection on hot days
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Offers multiple reclines and an almost flat position
  • Has a generous amount of storage space
  • Features an adjustable and padded 5-point harness


  • Doesn’t self-stand when folded
  • Pockit Lightweight Stroller

2) GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller

The GB Pockit stroller

View GB Pockit Lightweight Stroller On Amazon

Why we like it: The GB Pockit stroller features a 2-step folding layout and weighs 9.5 lbs which makes it one of the very compact and lightweight strollers on the market.  It’s constructed of quality materials to offer you a durable stroller.  It comes with cushioned handlebars and is easy to push and manoeuvre.

The GB Pockit stroller offers you a super compact stroller that you will love.  In reality, it’s the world’s most compact stroller according to Guinness World Records.  It is simple to fold it in 2-quick measures, and it weighs 9.5 pounds.  Although small, it is a sturdy stroller as a result of its structure and it can hold a total burden of 66 pounds.  Without breaking.

It stows away hassle-free in your vehicle or on the overhead compartments of aeroplanes and trains so that you won’t need to worry about it becoming a hassle during extended travel.  The stroller is easy to drive and manoeuvre.  Its handlebars include padding to offer a comfortable grip when pushing.  The stroller is delivered completely assembled.


The stroller includes a harness system with soft cushioning to keep your little one both safe and comfortable all the time.  The belt is flexible and lets you achieve the ideal match for the child, meaning it will grow with them.  Its front wheels swivel and can be locked when on bumpy terrains in order to offer smooth rides.  The rear wheels have a parking brake which you can easily begin with your foot.


The GB Pockit stroller includes a canopy to shield your little one from sunlight keeping them comfortable during daytime excursions.  You may easily change from pushing to carrying it folded, which makes it the perfect travelling companion.  The stroller comes with a roomy storage basket that can hold up to 11 pounds.  Offering lots of storage area.


We like that it allows you to switch from pushing it to carrying it out hassle-free that makes it well suited for everyday use.  It’s arguably the best lightweight stroller in the marketplace.


  • Features an adjustable harness system that comes with paddings on the shoulder and crotch
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Its front wheels swivel 360 degrees
  • Assembles with ease


  • We wish it had a bigger canopy

3) Delta Children — The Clutch Stroller

Delta Children

View Delta Children – The Clutch Stroller On Amazon

Why we like it: Delta Children has put together a really good layout with The Clutch lightweight stroller.  It’s compact like the rest of the strollers on this listing, but having the added travel bag that is in a position to match in overhead aeroplane luggage makes it only that much more slick and innovative.

It supports children around 50 lbs.  yet using a weight of just 12 pounds.  it is extremely easy to haul around.  The stroller will not fold up to small dimensions and matches inside an included travel bag that is a wonderful luxury.  The big 5.5 inch wheels swivel from the front with built-in suspension for a smooth pushing encounter.


The stroller guarantees security in many aspects.  The 5-point security harness keeps children of various sizes set up and helps lower your stress if you are momentarily distracted.  It features reflective pads around the stroller in order to make it very clear and noticeable in the early morning or late evening hours.  The device is also JPMA certified the maximum honour within the industry.  Moreover, the stroller meets CPSC standards.


The Clutch stroller out of Delta Children features a storage container for baby essentials along with other things you need to haul around for the day.  There are also small pouches for personal items like a phone or keys.  The purchase includes a travel bag in which the stroller will fit into handily once folded.


The Delta Children Lightweight Clutch stroller has received recognition from many notable publications and third-party certification programs.  So you can ensure you are not just obtaining a lightweight stroller, but also one of the very dependable and safest on the market.  It is one of the best around.


  • Very lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Folds to compact shape and fits in the travel bag
  • Accommodates a variety of sizes of children (up to 50 lbs.)
  • Versatile for city use, at the park, on the bus, or even an aeroplane
  • Reflective material helps traffic pick up the stroller when it’s dark



  • The stroller does not stand upright on its own when folded

4) Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System strollerView Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System On Amazon

Why we like it: Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System stroller comes with one of the best infant car seats.  The infant car seats connect easily and securely to the stroller.  It features suspension on its wheels which provide smooth rides on many different terrains.  It is simple to fold and also offers a lockable front-swivel wheel.

Ease of use

Evenflo Pivot puts in a great attempt to be sure you get the best from this travel system without compromising its lightness.  First, the manufacturer comprised the Graco Snug Ride Move Connect Infant car seat (that is among the top-rated baby seats) as an option.  You will also love that you can utilize most car infant seats from Graco and other manufacturers on the stroller.

The stroller makes it easy for you to control it and move the street and corners thanks to front swivel wheels.  It folds quickly with one hand improving storage and transport.   You are not going to need tools to put it together for rapid assembly.


The stroller features Click Connect technology which delivers a quick yet secure attachment of the infant car seat to the stroller.  You hear a click that alerts you when it’s safely installed.  The suspension on its wheel enables your child to enjoy smooth and comfortable rides on multiple terrains.  Its front-swivel wheels may be secured to guarantee steady rides on rocky landscapes.

The infant car seat allows your child to ride while facing you so you can always keep an eye on them.  The stroller has a comforter with windows that allows you to see your little one while on foot.  Its foot-operated brake system is a high excellent safety feature.


The Graco Verb Travel System stroller includes a carrying strap and weighs about 20 pounds.  so you can easily take it on the go.   The huge storage basket will come in handy when you want an additional hand.  It has a canopy to protect your child from sunlight.  You’ll also enjoy its sleek design which will find the envy of other parents.


The travel system from Graco creates a superb choice if you are looking for a lightweight stroller for infants.  What is even better is that the stroller is cheap and has an extremely good reputation.  We also like that it self-stands when folded and also includes a carrying strap.


  • Click Connect to your preferred car seat
  • Built with all-wheel suspension and lockable front swivel wheels
  • Features a large storage basket
  • Easy to clean
  • Effortless to assemble

5) Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller

View Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller On Amazon

Why We Loved It: It is streamlined and supports a weight of up to 44 pounds.  It folds with ease in addition to coming using a shoulder strap and a carrying tote.  The seat reclines for extra comfort, and its wheels are super slim to offer excellent manoeuvrability.  The stroller has a sun canopy in addition to an overlay fabric that you can use to protect your child during the winter.

Ease of use

The Mountain Buggy Nano stroller is more adaptable to an infant car seat in order to enable you to haul your little one from the car to the pushchair without disturbing their sleep.  Moreover, you can purchase the optional carrycot if you would like to use the stroller for toddlers.  The lightweight stroller features a streamlined design when folded to allow you to transport its store with ease.  It folds stress-free, comes with a carrying bag, and includes a shoulder strap so that you won’t have to worry about bringing it together on day trips.


The lightweight stroller from Mountain Buggy features suspension on its own rear-wheel which guarantees comfortable rides to your baby wherever you go.  The 6-inch wheels also guarantee easy-going rides.  The device has a simple to use brake system that offers additional security to a little one.


The Mountain Buggy Nano stroller makes a super lightweight stroller that will withstand most seasons.  It’s a sun canopy and a visor to provide maximum coverage to your baby during warm seasons.  The pushchair also includes an overlapping fabric that you can use on the stroller seat when reclined to guard your child during winter.  The Mountain Buggy Nano is also offered in six different colour options.


If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that will accommodate many infant car seats, the Mountain Buggy Nano is a trendy choice.  The stroller lets you travel with your newborn in their car seat with ease without needing to buy additional adapters.  It is lightweight, features a streamlined design, and includes a carrying tote.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Folds with ease
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Easy to transport with folding mechanism
  • Durable frame


  • We wish it had a deeper recline

6) Maclaren Twin Triumph

The 2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE stroller
View Maclaren Twin Triumph Stroller On Amazon

Why We Loved It: This is rather impressive considering it can accommodate not one but two infants.  The duo stroller may support a weight of up to 110 lbs.  so you can be sure it’s going to easily support your twins.  Its seat offers multiple recline positions and features a footrest to ensure your child’s comfort in any way times.  It’s a canopy using a sun visor and a wind-resistant rain cap.  We also like the all-wheel suspension for rides.

Looking for a stroller that will allow you to explore the outdoors together with your twins although not weighing you down?  The Maclaren Twin victory stroller may support over 100 lbs and yet is still very lightweight for a duo stroller.

You can opt to allow your babies to sit up and enjoy the view or allow them to rest thanks to the multiple recline positions provided on the seat.  The unit also offers a cushion for leg support to better your little ones’ comfort whenever you are out exploring.


The Maclaren Twins Triumph features a 5-point tap on each seat so you may be certain of your own babies’ safety at all times.  Each of its wheels has a suspension to provide your child with smooth rides on most surfaces.  It has simple to use foot-brakes which make an audible sound when procured for increased security.  Although it doesn’t have peek-a-boo windows, the panel zippers on the canopies ensure a free flow of air and visibility.


You may prefer the high-quality wind-proof rain cover that protects your child by the harshness of weather.  The UPF 50+ canopy is extendable and can be operated independently to provide whole coverage to your infants.  The sun canopy is also waterproof and has a sun visor for more protection.  The added storage will provide you with an extra hand wherever you go.  All eyes will be on you while running errands due to this stylish design of this stroller.


If you’re looking for a standard double stroller to utilize throughout rapid errands or to take along on long-distance excursions, the Maclaren Twins Triumph is your best option.  It has an impressive weight limit and is also lightweight to allow you to tote your babies around without its weight dragging you down.  It not only functions well for women but also children that are around the exact same in age and size.


  • Comes with a huge sun canopy and visor on each seat
  • Each seat features a 5-point harness
  • Offers multiple recline positions
  • Includes a quality wind-proof rain cover
  • All-wheel suspension



  • It is bulkier compared to other lightweight buggies, but this is expected given it is a double stroller

SIDE NOTE: If you’d prefer only a single company, Maclaren features essentially the exact same stroller yet with just one seat in comparison to two.

7) 2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller

The 2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE strollerView 2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE Stroller On Amazon

Why we like it: The 2018 UPPAbaby G-LITE stroller has an adjustable 5-point exploit which ensures your little one’s security in any way times.  It folds quickly and comes with a shoulder strap to make it easy for you to carry it.  The pushchair includes a large storage basket and an easy to reach storage pocket for your requirements.  We enjoy the massive canopy with an extendable sun visor.

The UPPAbaby G-LITE stroller comes with a roomy net seat for breathability and comfort.  The ergonomic handles deliver a comfortable grip and make it possible for you to push it with ease even when a hefty child is abroad.  Also, it is simple to fold the stroller so as to facilitate storage and transportation.  It offers an amazing weight limitation of 55 lbs.  to hold your child comfortably through their toddler years.


The UPPAbaby G-LITE stroller features lockable front wheels that offer a stable stroller for increased security.  The suspension on all its wheels ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your little one.  Both it’s rear wheels have parking wheels that can be initiated with the foot.  It features a 5-point tap to keep your child secure.


The stroller features a huge canopy that will protect your child from the sun whenever you are out.  You may like that the canopy comes with an extendable SPF 50+ sun visor for complete protection.  It includes a carry strap to enhance transportation.  The lightweight unit has a large storage basket under its seat for all the essentials both you and your child will want when out of the home.  It also includes a removable cup-holder for beverages.


The stroller is only 11 lbs.  And comes with a carrying strap.  It is ideal for traveling since you are able to push or carry the device.  The huge canopy with extendable visor features maximum sun coverage to your child making it ideal for summertime.  The flexible weight limit creates the UPPAbaby G-LITE a high choice.


  • Has a huge canopy with an extendable SPF 50+ sun visor
  • Folds with ease
  • Features suspension on all wheels
  • Provides a 5-point harness
  • Great for tall parents


  • We wish it had a deeper recline

8) Baby Jogger City Tour stroller

Baby Jogger City Tour stroller View Baby Jogger City Tour stroller On Amazon

Why we like it: the Baby Jogger City Tour stroller folds with ease and had an auto-lock system.  The included carrying tote guarantees you can take the stroller with you.  It gives numerous reclines and tilts back to an almost flat position for your child’s comfort.  The stroller also has a canopy and a peek-a-boo window to watch your little one.

Ease of use

The Baby Jogger City Tour stroller lives true to its name by being a compact and mobile stroller that any parent would love to take along for their outdoor adventures.  It folds with ease and features an auto-lock that holds the frame set up to let you carry it with ease.  The included carrying package makes transport easier.

The lightweight stroller provides multiple and nearly flat reclining positions to guarantee your child’s comfort when out and about.  You will love that this feature is useful when changing diapers.  Your child will have fun on the padded seat which feels soft and comfy.


The stroller features a peek-a-boo window which permits you to watch your little one in any way times.  Its seat includes a 5-point harness so that you can make certain that your baby will be well secured to the stroller.  The foot-operated brakes will provide you with full control of the stroller.  The front wheels rotate in all directions and may be locked when on uneven terrains.


The Baby Jogger City Tour stroller includes a canopy using an extension to cover your kid from the sun.  It’s a storage basket underneath the seat to allow you to bring along your baby’s essentials for the trip.  The pushchair also features a cup holder and a parent console within an arm’s reach, where you can organize your necessities.  It includes a water and wind resistant cover that shields your child against harsh weather conditions.


The Baby Jogger City Tour stroller folds into a compact size which permits you to take it with you onto many methods of public transport.  The device weighs only 14.21 lbs. and features a back-pack style carry bag.  You may also store the folded stroller in the overhead compartment in a plane.


  • Perfect travel companion
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers multiple reclines and an almost flat position
  • Cleans with ease
  • Has a mesh peek-a-boo window


  • We wish it were infant car seat compatible

9) Evenflo Minno Lightweight Stroller

 Best Lightweight Strollers

View Evenflo Minno Lightweight Stroller On Amazon

Why we like it: The Evenflo Minno Lightweight stroller is intended for infants and children weighing up to 45 pounds.  It folds with ease and self-stands to enhance its storage and transportation.  The stroller features front wheel suspension and swivel wheels which can be locked.  The device provides multiple positions to two and sews footrests.  It comes with cup holders, a huge canopy, and a generous storage basket.

Ease of use

The Evenflo Minno stroller is compact and lightweight which means an easy time for you saving and transporting it.  You can comfortably collapse it using one hand which allows you to use the flip side to hold your infant.  The self-standing mechanism when folded allows you to keep it in the smallest spaces in your house or the car.  The seat is nicely cushioned and keeps your child comfortable over the course of any trip.

The stroller’s seat offers numerous reclining positions and two positions for the baby to break their feet improving their comfort on your day trips.  This also guarantees that the stroller will grow along with your child from infant years for their toddler years.  The angled handlebar will guarantee a comfortable time for you when pushing.


The Evenflo Minno stroller features suspensions on front wheels to let you choose bumpier terrain without worrying about your little one’s comfort.  Its wheels swivel and can also get secured when on uneven surfaces.  In general, it’s a fair easy stroller to maneuver.  The pushchair includes a harness system that secures your child to the stroller seat.


The stroller presents a cup holder to contain your beverages within a simple reach.  The massive canopy will shield your little one’s tender skin from the harmful sun rays.  The included storage basket under the seat is easy to reach and comes in handy to maintain your baby’s toys, diaper bag, along with other essentials.


If you are seeking a travel stroller that could fit into just about any area in your home, the Evenflo Minno is a dependable choice.  Its one-hand compact fold design not only ensures a simple time for you when folding but also lets you keep it almost everywhere.  It is also lightweight therefore ideal for visiting the park or running errands across town.


  • Features a compact and lightweight design
  • Easy to push and manoeuvre
  • Delivers front wheel suspension
  • Reclines to multiple positions
  • Has a huge canopy with a sun visor


  • Its recline is quite hard to adjust
10) Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

Lightweight Strollers For NewbornView Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller On Amazon

Why we like it: The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller weighs 11.8 lbs.  That is quite lightweight.  It folds with ease and self-stands to enhance storage and transportation.  It’s an extendable sun canopy using a peek-a-boo window for you to watch your little one.  We enjoy that its seat offers multiple reclining positions as well as presenting a 5-point exploit system for safety.

Ease of use

The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller allows you to take it with you personally for extended travels and getaways without concerns thanks to its lightweight design.  Its canopy features three components and may be extended to provide maximum sun protection to a little one’s delicate skin.   You may also easily fold the stroller when holding your baby with all the one-fold mechanism.  The seat of the stroller offers multi-recline positions.


The Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is generated with a peek-a-boo through so you can watch your baby as you take it for a stroll.  The seat comes with a 5-point harness that securely secures your child.  Its wheels are designed to undertake bumpy terrains with ease and feature front suspension to guarantee smooth rides at all times.  It is JPMA certified so you can have more assurance regarding your child’s security.


The stroller self-stands when folded which makes it all easier when you are out in public.  You will love the easy to access storage basket beneath its seat which shops baby essentials.  The storage includes a removable child tray for a baby’s bottle and juice, or your personal beverage.  The manufacturer also supplies a one year warranty or your money back.


If you’re working on a budget and want a compact stroller to your little one, the Kolcraft Cloud Plus is a decent option.  It’s not only lightweight but also little and self-stands when folded.  The additional storage area is beneficial for extended day trips.


  • Folds with ease
  • Features a compact design and self-stands when folded
  • Has a reclining seat
  • Features a 5-point harness
  • Comes with a large canopy that tucks away when not in use


  • Its cup holders are too small

Guide to Buying the Best Lightweight Stroller For Newborn

How do you need to use it?

You should only invest in a stroller based on how you plan to use it.  If you want a lightweight buggy to take advantage of while still taking a trip to the supermarket or shopping mall, then think about one with rotating wheels for enhanced manoeuvrability.  The wheels should have a locking platform for increased steadiness when on rough sidewalks.

Meanwhile, a pushchair that is compatible with the majority of car seats or one that reclines fully is of high usage for toddlers and infants.  Or, if you’re seeking a stroller to use while travelling, think about one which folds into a compact size, is lightweight, and features a shoulder strap.  These features will make it far easier to carry, push, or store off the stroller in the car or while travelling on a plane.


The main reason you are going for a lightweight stroller and not a conventional one is to escape the weight loss.  While they need to be generally light, some are mild yet lack stability and durability.  Therefore, the stroller should offer a combination of being lightweight and durable.

Flexible handles

Who will be pushing the stroller?  If different people are going to push the stroller, consider one with adjustable handlebars to allow individuals who are not the exact same height to comfortably push it.

Ease of assembly

Take a lightweight stroller that assembles hassle-free to your own convenience.  It would be handy to select one that comes fully assembled to save you time and energy.

Test drive

The manoeuvrability of this stroller may play a significant part in its functionality.  Load up the stroller and push it around to ensure it moves as you would wish.  Test it out using different weights and in different settings (i.e. mall vs. outdoor playground ).  It is never suggested to settle for a stroller if you are not totally happy with its steering, security, and comfort for your child.


Get the most from your purchase by contemplating a stroller with the latest accessories and technology.  It will make your life easier.  Consider things such as a cup holder, storage basket, secretary, mosquito mesh, sun visor, and canopy — one of the other convenient add-ons.


One of the important choices you’ll have to make prior to purchasing a stroller is the total amount of money you are willing to spend on a lightweight edition.  Unfortunately, baby strollers are expensive; however, there are a few quite good value choices on the market — many of which are recorded within this article.

Final words

We all want to find the very best for our babies.  When you understand what you’re looking for the buying decision is much simpler.  There’s a multitude of alternatives on the industry and it can get intimidating fast.

Consult our list of the best lightweight strollers for 2019 in order to help narrow down the number of alternatives.  We can not wait to hear about your new adventures about you and your little one on your next favourite stroller.

If you are looking for an affordable jogging stroller, have a look here.

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