Best Car Seats for Twins and Preemies

Best Car Seats for Twins and Preemies

Expecting multiples? Here are our Dr Sufis Parenting List approved recommendations of the best car seats twins. We highly suggest that you pick from seats on this list in case you do have preemies.

Here are two main attributes we look for in car seats for preemies and/or underweight babies.

1)Minimum weight score. Each of the seats on this list starts at 4 lbs. It is highly unlikely you are going to be discharged using a baby weighing less than that.

Tip: *In case your babies spend some time at the NICU, many times they’ll be required to pass the”car seat test” before they may be shipped home. Perhaps not a bad idea to read up about that.

2)Low harness slots. The principle for rear-facing seats is that your baby’s shoulders must be — or marginally above — the closest harness slot. Thus, it’s critical that the car seat’s lowest harness slots are low for a smaller infant.

If the lowest harness slot is too tall, the seat will not work (at the start, at least). Thus, all of the seats on this list have a low or very low”preemie” position (that is what I’m calling it, humour me).

Tip: *Please remove the strap covers that come with most infant car seats, as they’ll just get in the way of assessing the harness height and tightening the harness. If you would like, you can place them back on later [for comfort] when babies are larger.

All of that said, there are plenty of other infant seats out there which can* work for smaller babies, but these are those that are tried and true.

If you’re considering using your twins’ car seats in conjunction with a double stroller for twins, pay special attention to stroller grip, otherwise, you may be in for a nasty surprise, particularly with the market seats!

Easy Installation

When installing two rear-facing seats for infant in your car or truck, you’ll likely be installing them at the two sides or”outboard” positions. The most important reason for this is that it’s highly unlikely that your car is broad enough to fit a rear-facing seat in the middle — next to a different rear-facing seat. You see, the seats are inclined to be wider in the handle area, and with two seats adjacent to each other, they will hit each other in their widest points.

It may be possible to attain this [a side and centre installation] in case you have an extremely broad car (a minivan, a large SUV or the like) and one of the thinner infant seats, like the Chicco KeyFit, however, please check to verify.

If you have an older child who is in a forward-facing seat or booster, then place the forward-facing kid in the centre, since these tend to”puzzle” nicely with rear-facing seats on either side. Like Tetris.

It’s true that you can do so, but it’s a massive pain to get them out. I believe that you will realize that it is not worth the trouble.

For general tips on installing your infant seats, please go here.

Best Car Seats for Twins

Here are our favourite pick s of the best car seats for twins and preemies in each budget category, including our favourite Euro seats…Best Car Seats for Twins

Cosco Light ‘N Comfy ~ $79 (Economy Pick) —Barebones, but lightweight, easy to carry, and good for smaller babies. Stroller compatibility is a question mark.

Safety 1st onBoard 35 & onBoard 35 Air 360 ~ $159 / $169 — —- Great for preemies, but not compatible with a lot of our favourite strollers for twins.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite ~ $219 — Great value, easy to set up using a seatbelt OR LATCH, and also a”no re-thread harness”!!

 Britax B-Safe 35 & B-Safe Ultra ~ $229 & $239 MSRP   — Really secure, but can only be used with BOB Duallie or another Britax or BOB stroller.

Chicco KeyFit 30 ~ $199 – Great Egyptian value, compatible with most strollers. Strong pick.

 UPPAbaby Mesa ~ $299 — Top-notch”American” luxury seat, pairs beautifully with UPPAbaby Vista double stroller very easy to install; premium wool version has no flame retardants.


 Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 ~ $249 (“Euro” Favorite #1) —

— Low birth weight wedge inserts necessary for babies 4-5 lbs. Has an anti-rebound bar, which keeps it from flipping up in a crash. Downside: Complaints about the canopy.

 Nuna Pipa ~ $299 (“Euro” Favorite #2) 

— Lightweight luxury seat, great safety features, pairs using Nuna strollers; utilizes rigid LATCH connectors, so, it’s best for installing a window seat.

 Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 ~ $299 —

— Luxury seat, a”no re-thread harness”, an anti-rebound pub (built into the foundation ) and a two-stage newborn fit, which is great for preemies.

 Cybex Aton Q ~ $299 (LUXE PICK) —

— Super trendy (German, contemporary ) and safety-features galore; also great for taxis or Uber.

Economy Seats

Cosco Light ‘N Comfy DX Infant Carseat ~$79, 8lbs — Economy Pick

From the market category, this seat offers decent protection and matches babies 4-22 lbs. The Cosco Light’N Comfy is lightweight (about 8lbs!), which parents of multiples (or anybody who has to lug more than one car seat around) will surely appreciate.

There is nothing fancy about this deal seat, however, it will have an optional 4th modification position, which shortens the amount of the crotch strap for miniature rabbits.

Stroller compatibility is a question mark with this one, however, you will most likely have luck with dual strollers which have a”universal adapter.”

Safety 1st onBoard 35 ~

Safety 1st is made by the Dorel Group, that also makes Maxi Cosi (both tried and true). The onBoard 35 includes four sets of harness slots, four crotch buckle positions, EPS foam along with an adjustable base.

Unfortunately, this seat isn’t compatible with a lot of fave twin strollers, so that’s something to consider.

There is a new edition that we are loving for preemies/twins: the Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air 360. For about $169, you receive all the qualities of this onBoard 35 Air, plus 360 Shield ™, which includes Air Shield ® (a cushioning system that provides side impact protection), GCell® HX (a high-tech foam), a reinforced handle, and soft foam throughout for extra security and comfort.

What strikes us about this seat is the amazingly high ratings from users. We like it for multiples because it includes special insert cushions, therefore babies as little as 4 pounds can ride safely and comfortably.

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite ~ $219 MSRP (on sale for ~ $129), 8.4 lbs

The Graco SnugRide is among the all-time most popular infant car seats — and a few of our favourites too. For multiples, we are loving the”SnugLock” version of the tried-and-true SnugRide 35 Elite.

Why? …

“SnugLock” is actually an automated mechanism — the easiest method for you to set up the base by using a seatbelt without having to struggle it in place to tighten it. It’s basically a giant clasp for the seatbelt. It’s user-friendly — particularly if you don’t want to mess with LATCH. Check out our video review here (and see below).

you get the SnugLock attribute, the higher-end LATCH connectors which won’t break your claws (they are called”InRight Connectors”). Basically, however you put in it, it’ll be simple.

You also receive a no re-thread harness, which is a HUGE benefit for parents of multiples. Why? Because you don’t need to eliminate your seats and re-thread the harness manually (x2) as your kiddos grow (I have your back MoMs and DoMs!;–RRB-).

This car seat takes up a great deal of room in the back seat so that I do not suggest it for compact cars.

keep in mind that this seat may also work with Graco Click Connect strollers, along with a lot of our top twin stroller picks, like

Contours Options Elite, Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double,

Valco Baby Neo Twin,

Baby Jogger City Select, City Select LUX,

Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X, and the Mountain Buggy Duet V3.

It also works with among our fav frame strollers, Joovy Twin Roo+ and the Baby Trend Snap ‘n Go.

Bottom line: Even though it takes back seat area and it’s a bit heavier than some other car seats/bases, it is wonderful to have the SnugLock installation option and the easier adjusting harnesses (that which we call a”no re-thread harness” in the CPST globe ), particularly when dealing with two!

Mid-Range Seats

Britax B-Safe & B-Safe Ultra ~

If you are not familiar with Britax, they are among our favourite car seat brands. Their bread and butter infant seat is the B-Safe 35. While this seat works well for preemies,

it’s not compatible with many of favourite twin strollers, therefore I would personally look elsewhere unless you plan on using it with a BOB Duallie or another Britax or BOB stroller (just the Britax B-Ready takes 2 baby seats). Broadly, other stroller manufacturers don’t make adapters for Britax seats for some reason.

Also important to know is that, while I hope the engineering of the seats from a safety perspective, they’re missing the mark with comfort and fit for babies. You’ll read a lot of folks complaining that the seat is too narrow and is outgrown rather rapidly. I actually think that it’s the depth that infants don’t like because they can’t see out really well.

Note: Last year, Britax released their latest seat, the fancy-pants Britax Endeavours, pictured below.

For $279, they are competing with all the Nunas and Cybexes of the planet (from the luxury area ). The Endeavours is basically the B-Safe 35 Elite, and an anti-rebound bar and a European belt route.

I’ll note it’s way heavier than its European counterparts, at over 11 lbs. And, you still have the stroller compatibility problem. But it can accommodate babies as little as 4 pounds (and it does so quite well).

Chicco KeyFit 30 ~

Ok, now we’re speaking. The Chicco KeyFit 30 is a best bet infant seat for twins. Several reasons: it fits preemies very well (a hospital favourite, actually ), it’s fairly affordable (cuz you are purchasing two!), it’s narrow, it is super easy to set up and best of all — because of its broad appeal in America and in Europe,

it’s compatible with nearly every stroller on the market. It was voted Consumer Reports leading infant seat for 2014. You could pay the additional $100 [each] and get one of those Euro seats, but I personally don’t think it’s necessary.

If you reside in a city and are trying to find a car seat to use in a cab or Uber, or to easily click into a Chicco stroller, check out the Chicco Fit2 (~ $279). The key here is that you are able to take advantage of this car seat WITH a twin stroller, like the Joovy TwinRoo+, for as much as 24 months (two decades, hence the”fit2″), whereas using additional infant car seats,

The infants will outgrow infant seat around 12 weeks. Then you are going to need to switch up to a convertible seat that cannot be employed with a stroller.

Think about the situation where you are out and about in Manhattan with twin one-year-olds taking taxis and such. You’ll need car seats… then you will need someplace to put them/transport the car seats when you arrive at your destination. Do you believe me?

In case you don’t require this capability (you drive your car everywhere), then this seat is overkill, IMO.

UPPAbaby Mesa

The UPPAbaby Mesa isn’t to be overlooked. I suggest this seat especially for people who intend on using it with all the UPPAbaby Vista, one of our favorite strollers for twins. In the $300 range, you’ll also get the nicer”no re-thread tap” with five tap height positions and 2 buckle positions.

The Mesa goes one step further and gives you an adjustable base with tension index and self-ratcheting lower LATCH connectors (which are AWESOME). You will really enjoy the ease of setup, the wonderful canopy, high-end clothes, etc.. It also has a low birth weight fit for babies 4-8 pounds.

The newer version of the seat has a conventional American belt path, whereas previous versions had the Euro belt path. If you are looking for a seat with a European belt path, this one no longer has it sorry!

Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30 ~

Four sets of harness slots; three buckle positions, such as one for toddlers; easy to use”push-on” LATCH connectors; AirProtect cushions for improved side-impact protection; *low birth weight leash fit necessary for infants 4-5 pounds. Like most Euro seats, it’s an anti-rebound bar, which keeps it from flipping up in a crash.

Maxi-Cosi car seats are extensively compatible with many strollers out there — second only behind the KeyFit — and usually for the more upscale (European) strollers.

This seat goes nicely with almost all of our favourite twin strollers, including the Bumbleride Indie Twin, the Baby Jogger City Select, the Bugaboo Donkey and the UPPAbaby Vista. Though it is not my favourite car seat, the Maxi-Cosi/Bumbleride combo is super sweet for twins, not gonna lie.

One frequent complaint reviewers cite is that the canopy on the Mico Max 30 is too flimsy and starts to sag after some time — because of its hefty price tag, one would (and should) expect more.

Nuna PIPA ~ “Euro” Favorite #2

Our Dutch friends at Nuna bring you contemporary, well-designed baby gear for your luxury sector. What sets it apart from the others is that the rigid LATCH connectors (not so much for your centre seat), making for SUPER easy setup.

If you’re installing the seats in the outboard positions, the rigid LATCH connectors are ideal. Like the Maxi-Cosi, it too comes with an anti-rebound feature known as the”loading leg”.

It’s also one of the few seats with a”European belt path,” which means it’s super easy to set up with no base into such and flights, or while travelling through aeroplane.

The Pipa has the”fantasy flair,” which is excellent for napping on the move. Having a”Maxi-Cosi design” design, it too is compatible with the higher-end strollers, such as the Bugaboo Donkey, the UPPAbaby Vista along with the Baby Jogger City Select.It’s also compatible with streamlined strollers, like the Babyzen.

Bottom line: When this is compatible with the stroller of your own choice, get it!

Nuna Pipa Lite

Parents of multiples may like it since it’s SUPER lightweight — just 5.3 lbs!! — making holding two of these bad boys simultaneously a whole lot more manageable. One caveat, however: unlike the Nuna Pipa, you MUST install it with a base. If you are a city dweller who chooses taxis and Ubers, this is not a fantastic alternative for you. But if you’re a suburban mom who only uses her car seats in the car, that the Pipa Lite may be worth looking into.

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35

The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio is another favourite upscale/European style baby seat. It too has a no re-thread harness, an anti-rebound bar (built into the base) and a two-stage newborn insert, which are great for preemies.

Although, I prefer the installation on the Mesa (self-ratcheting) or Pipa (rigid LATCH) within this one (for cash, I am saying). As a practical matter, the big downside to this Peg is the fact that it is not widely compatible with most of our favorite twin strollers (in America, at least), so please keep this in mind.

Cybex Aton Q ~

The Aton Q is a super slick and incredibly secure car seat. Like the others we’ve recorded, the Aton Q accepts infants as small as 4 lbs (and through 35 lbs), and no extra cushioning must keep miniature infants safe and protected within this seat.

The Aton Q takes extra measures when it comes to security. Including a Linear Side-Impact Protection (LSP) system, which can be a”wing,” of sorts, which pops out from the handle of this seat and transports side-impact collision energy into the seat’s shell.

If you are installing your infant’s seat in an outboard (side) position, take special note of the.

Another wonderful feature users enjoy is that the no re-thread harness system. Every time you adjust the 8-position height-adjustable headrest, the harness will automatically adjust. Woohoo!

The Aton Q also has UVP 50+ Topical canopy that will keep infant completely shielded from the elements.

This car seat is a great option for city dwellers who do not own a car or will need to take taxis/Ubers frequently.

It can be easily installed with no base utilizing the European-Style Belt Path, which paths the shoulder strap behind the seat.

You can achieve this with other seats as well (as previously mentioned). This installation is very simple and durable (cue to 1:40).

Ok wow; this has been a lot. But we hope you found a seat that will work for your financial plan — and your babies. Cheers!

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