10 Best Breast Pump of 2020: Comfort, Budget, Portable, More

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To new mothers, a breast pump is an essential tool. Pumping enables you to feed your bottle, relieves the feelings of entanglement and improves the flow of milk.

Especially helpful for mothers with twins or premature babies that are struggling to latch, breast pumps allow partners to help feed babies as well.

Studies have shown that breast milk is the best way to feed your infant, and we agree that breastfeeding is the best option for mother and child where possible.

This is why we felt it was so important in 2020 to check mothers ‘ best breast pumps. We have searched far and wide for the perfect pump for our readers. Here’s the best we’ve got.

Features to Consider in Good Breast Pumps

Each mother has specific lifestyle requirements, and how often she wants to use a pump. When buying a breast pump, you have many different choices and not every option meets your specific requirements.

The first thing that you have to consider is what kind of pump you want. All entries in our list are grouped into one of three categories.

Types of Breast Pumps

Hospital-grade Breast Pump

The most powerful form of pump is a hospital-grade breast pump. Not only is it hard, but at a higher frequency it sucks faster Hospital pumps, however, are also the most expensive type on the market.

Such pumps are constructed over time for multiple users with replaceable personal attachments (tubing, breast shields milk containers, etc).

Electric Breast Pump

An electric breast pump is the most common home appliance due to its low cost. In general, these tools have a control unit that allows mothers to pick their desired speed and suction level.

Two types of electrical pumps are available: single and double. For obvious reasons, the double electric breast pump is more powerful and will save a little time.

Electric breast pumps run on batteries or are attached to a wall outlet. Some feature both flexibility options.

Manual Breast Pump

This form of breast pump requires that you repeatedly push the lever by hand to create the necessary suction for milk extraction.

The breast pump has no motor. Some mothers prefer manual breast pumps, as they are silent, lightweight and cheaper than electric breast pumps.

Simple to install and clean manual breast pumps. They are not as fast, easy to operate or powerful as electric pumps, however. After some studies, several mothers finally buy many breast pumps to benefit from each other. If you are new to breastfeeding, we recommend that for any concerns you might have, you refer to AAP guidelines.

Picking the Best Breast Pumps of 2020

Here is what we evaluated for each pump we reviewed:

Performance: If carried out effectively and with ample suction power, pumping is easy. In each review’s performance section, we will analyze how well each pump performs when used.

Features: Depending on the model you select, several additional features are available. The characteristics of each model are illustrated in our list to help you select the right model for your needs.

Portability: The option of a portable breast pump is absolutely necessary for many mothers. We’ll let you know which pumps are appropriate for mothers on the move below.

It’s time to break our list for the top 10 breast pumps of 2020:

Top 10 Best Breast Pumps 2020

1.Best Overall Breast Pump: Spectra Baby USA-S1 Hospital Grade Rechargeable Electric Breast Pump

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Why we like it:

The Spectra Baby USA-S1 is a quiet, hospital-grade pump at a great price. The combination of characteristics and suction strength is our top choice in 2020 for breast pumps.


The Spectra S1 is our favorite breast pump for hospital use. It is lightweight and compact compared to most hospital pumps we have reviewed. We like the wide range of features, such as a nightlight and a timer.


The breast pump imitates a baby’s feeding with its sophisticated relaxation function. If you have not previously used a similar pump, you can see that the pulsation of the pump during suction at first feels a little strange.

Yet it should get more comfortable over time. The massage feature of the pump speeds up the extraction and triggers the letdown.

It is good for busy moms who do not have a lot of time, but the massage feature can be turned on or off if not to your satisfaction.

The device provides twelve suction levels Even with inverted nipples, the variable rates are designed to meet any mom’s pumping needs.

The vacuum control is different for frequency control. It requires a woman to change each control separately to mimic the nursing pattern of her baby accurately.

Setup is quite simple. There is a memory feature in the Spectra Baby USA-S1 Breast Pump so it remembers and returns to your favorite settings.

The product also has a rearlighted digital reading and a night light that allows you to use the system in the dark without adding additional lights to move a sleeping baby.

Cleaning is super easy because the entire unit is split into small pieces. The bottles in the series feature large mouths and are easy to clean with a brush. The Spectra S1 silicone membranes are easy to wash.


The USA-S1 Spectra Baby is highly portable. It is quite small and lightweight, so you can bring it around if you have something to get in the middle of the pumping.

The rechargeable battery allows moms to use the pump while they are on their way. Mothers can either connect to the unit or make it more portable with the operation of the battery.


  • Portable unit with comfortable and secure carrying handle
  • Soft plastic is simple to handle
  • Lightweight breast pump (3.3 pounds)
  • Really quiet. Very quiet. You can even talk on your phone while it pumps
  • Plugged in or rechargeable battery operation
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • The double electric pump is very efficient
  • Watch tracks the amount of time spent expressing milk


  • No  carrying case included with the device
  • The nightlight feature is good, but the battery will be drained quicker
  • The battery takes more to charge, but once fully charged you have 3 hours of pumping.

2.Best Value Breast Pump: Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump

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Why we like it:

The Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump has a closed system that is outstanding for cleaning and maintenance. pumping is much simpler than most electrical alternatives. This package also provides a number of flexible solutions for simulating your newborn’s precise feeding patterns.


The Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump stimulates and massages breasts in different modes to create the best works for the woman.

Four modes include massage and relaxation, continuous sucking, sucking frequency and normal sucking. Mothers have nine suction levels to fit to maximum comfort.

The breast pump operates quietly and reduces unwanted noise. This helps to prevent you from waking up at the worst moment possible.

The electric breast pump Bellababy works with both the battery and cable power adapters. The USB charging cable can quickly restore battery strength via a power bank or laptop.


The product is supplied with milk  storage bags. It is comfortable and easy to express breast milk directly into storage bags. Customers receive 10 bags that are enough to start, but if you like the feature, it is possible to order more.

In addition, there is a closed system in the Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump. This pump was found to be very healthy and sanitary for your baby to rely on clean breast milk.

The device is fitted with an easily readable screen containing important information such as operating mode, suction speed, time and battery condition. The touch panel is sensitive to a single finger so that the interface is very easy to use.


Double Electric Breast Pump Bellababy is compact. It is a lightweight pump with dual applications. Moms may take the device to peace of mind with them, since it does not take up a ton of space. Milk storage bags also ease the transfer of milk and storage


  • Double pump to extract milk quicker
  • Variety of operating modes for customization
  • Varying levels of control for suction speed and strength
  • HD display with important information
  • Included storage bags for expressing milk
  • Built-in battery for outdoor use
  • Designed to reduce pain and feel more comfortable


  • Louder than some other pumps on the market
  • The most small, portable breast pump available

3.Best Premium Breast Pump: Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

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Why we like it:
The sophisticated breast pump Medela is one of the most portable. It also accommodates moms who regularly express milk during the day. The breast pump is an dual electric type unit.


The Advanced Breast Pump Medela Pump is an extremely reliable tool. Just marginally quieter than the Spectra S1, the tool offers a range of customizable possibilities.

Medela breast pumps are outstanding in the hunt for replacement parts or accessories.


The Medela breast pump can be easily applied to other companies ‘ accessories. The model is sold in three versions: a backpack, a tote and a metro bag.

The Medela Pump in its shape reflects a baby’s natural breastfeeding. This breast pump can be attached to or run on a wall outlet. The device is not supplied with the eight AA batteries needed to operate it.


Women should keep their things stored in the over-sized bag, which prevents you from taking the device out during operation The unit is very lightweight and compact irrespective of which version you choose.

Set-up is simple as every time you need to use it you don’t have to take the whole device out. The breast pump often carries up to four bottles and the included ice packages are very competent and remain cool for hours.


  • Great quality and very reliable
  • Three different bag carriers with cooler system
  • Simple to use and easy to clean
  • Helps you maintain your milk supply
  • Covered by most insurance providers
  • Runs on AC power or AA batteries (included)
  • Very portable breast pump


  • It’s a bit loud and pumping isn’t almost so discreet
  • No adjustable controls for suction speed and strength

4.Most Comfortable Electric Breast Pump: Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

Why we like it:
The Double electric pump Lansinoh Signature Pro is designed for maximum milk production. It is highly adaptable for improved efficiency. It is also reasonably priced for a dual power unit and works as well as multiple hospital units.


The Double Electric Breast Lansinoh Signature has three different pump types. It gives you full control over milk extraction. Each pump design has 8 adjustable suction levels You can therefore configure it to mimic your child’s feeding routine extremely well.

The assembly is quite simple. The product can also be easily removed for washing. The hygienic closed system does its part, but when time permits, it will not hurt to clean the unit up.

The Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump is one of the best choices for you if you pump frequently.


All is controlled by five simple buttons. All information is shown on the back-lit LCD monitor that shows a timer so that you can easily grasp how long you are pumping.

The package is supplied with storage bottles for breast milk, two flanges, a tote bag, bottle stand, a bottle nipple cap and collar, replacement parts and an AC adapter.

Milk transfers are not necessary as the milk is pumped directly into storage bags. The twin-breast pump extracts milk faster and saves you time.

This hospital pump is very convenient for the user Thanks to the breast protector, it fits well even for women with inverted nipples. The 25 mm ComfortFit Flange is even adaptable for an additional flexibility with a version of 30.5 mm.


The Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump is great for milk extraction. It is lightweight, especially for a hospital version.

You can take it with you through the compact design. The breast pump has been around for many years and most breastfeeding moms have a trustworthy alternative.


  • Large backlit LCD Screen
  • Portable design for a hospital-grade version
  • Hygienic closed system design
  • Three pumping styles to mimic natural feeding
  • Eight adjustable suction levels
  • Runs on a power cord or six AA batteries
  • The letdown feature is very proficient
  • Most affordable double electric breast pump


  • The device is noisy, but it’s manageable
  • The item is not sold with a bag

5.Best Manual Breast Pump: Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

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Why we like it:

The shield of the Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump is the one thing that stands out. With a silicone lining that contributes to comfort, this version is much better than plastic breast shields on a number of breast pumps. The liner can also be removed!


The Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump Manual is one of the leading manual breast pumps on the market. It’s a very simple manual pump with not a lot of customizable features.

Manual pumps are usually not as convenient for women as electric pumps, and while some moms may complain, the Philips pump does the job at a fair price.

The Philips Avent Manual comfort Breast Pump is considered to be a bit noisy because the handle does not have a buffer to keep it from clapping on the bottle when it’s squeezed out.

The sound is a bit annoying but certainly not an excuse for avoiding the purchase of the unit.


The breast pump extracts milk very quickly. The few shortcomings in the Philips Avent Comfort Breast Pump have little impact on its performance and reliability.

It is also inexpensive and replacement parts and accessories can be found easily in most stores. The device is also incredibly easy to clean.

Parts can be assembled or disassembled for maintenance easily. In addition, due to the ergonomic design, women can sit in a more reclining position when pumping.

A reclining position makes it much easier for the woman to produce milk than a straight forward posture.


The Comfort Breast Pump Philips Avent Manual is very portable. It is lightweight and compact, perfect for moving. The manual breast configuration also does not prohibit you from staying close to a power source or relying on a battery.


  • Extremely comfortable to use
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Replacement parts and accessories are easy to find
  • Very effective at milk extraction
  • Portable unit with compact and lightweight design
  • Not annoyingly loud and definitely quieter than electric pumps
  • Great suction power for a manual device
  • Features a removable very convenient silicone lining
  • BPA-free breast pump


  • During the first few uses, your hand will probably tire fast.
  • The handle of the pump does not move and you can not adjust the grip.

6.Best Wearable Breast Pump: Elvie Pump

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Why we like it:

The Elvie Pump is a completely hidden breast pump operated with an app for moms who want to pump discreetly at work or in public.
The Elvie pump, the only one of the breast pumps we reviewed, is supposed to be worn under clothes. The silent motor of Elvie, designed to be worn inside a regular nursing bra, ensures that you can pump in peace and free from judgment wherever you want.

The Elvie pump is great for working moms and contains an application that allows you to control yourself and know how much milk you pump without testing the bottle.


Although it is not the fastest pump we have reviewed, the independence of the Elvie Pump is totally unmatched. The app included is very useful and allows you to monitor how much you’ve been pumped so that your supply remains high.


While Elvie has several modes and adjustable suction levels, the real key feature is how easy it is to wear for absolute privacy under your clothes.


This pump is compact and can come with you anywhere. This is the perfect pump for moms who want to pump in the workplace discreetly.


  • Can be controlled remotely using the app for maximum privacy
  • Can be used with any standard nursing bra
  • The best discrete breast pump for working moms
  • Easy to clean


  • Owing to the restricted size of a portable breast pump, the collection bottle accompanying the Elvie pump can be quickly filled

7.Best Quiet Breast Pump: iAPOY Electric Breast Pump

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Why we like it:

The iAPOY Electric Breast Pump is our favorite choice for moms who love the sound of silence.
The iAPOY Electronic Breast Pump. machine, less than 50 decibels of noise when in use, is just slightly quieter than a whisper. But don’t let that dumb you that the suction is weak.

This pump provides enough suction to work quickly and comfortably with 8 adjustable levels Displayed in two different single or double pumped packets, an adapter for making the pump fit to normal plastic baby bottles and the two bottles used is included.


It has not only great suction and a wide range of features, but also a very quiet motor. The iAPOY breast pump has 8 adjustable levels and a memory function which exactly knows how you used it last.


The iAPOY Electric Breast Pump is also incredibly easy to clean in addition to the quiet motor and strong suction.


We liked the iAPOY pump features a USB charging cable, making it easy to charge wherever you go.


  • The silentest motor of any breast pump
  • fitted with an USB charging cable for easy charging.
  • Variable settings with 8 different levels of suction
  • Excellent value


  • Has a shorter battery life

8.Best Simple Breast Pump: Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

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Why we like it:

The Haakaa Silicone Breast pump is one of the most affordable breast pumps available for 2020 and is very easy to use. Mothers don’t spend much time cleaning the device properly.

Have you found that breastfeeding a baby on one breast or using a single pump often causes the other breast to fall off? The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump is not necessary for wasting this milk and can even be used as a secondary pump to take leaks while using a heavier breast pump.


The suction is simple. All you do is grab the vessel and place the shield on your nipple Now release the base: it’s all important to remove quickly and efficiently.

Better still, you can even convey milk without hands when you learn this simple technique. Then you can quickly pour it into another container once you have finished collecting milk.

The Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump will help if you don’t like milk leaking into your clothes or sheets. It can also help mothers who need support with their breasts to get some warmth and relaxation.


The pump has a very simple design but is highly efficient for passive pumping. The product is not equipped with a lid since only the milk must be drained in a storage container, but if you want to, a lid can be added as a separate accessory.


The Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump is potentially the most compact on the market. It is very compact and lightweight. The manual breast pump is therefore extremely useful for mothers who are often on the move.


  • Very affordable yet effective
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Best travel pump on the market
  • The device provides suction as well as acting as a drip catcher
  • Hands-free manual extraction once you learn how to use the device


  • Not quite as flexible as other Silicone-based breast pumps, so you don’t lose milk when you are using it.

9.Best Lightweight Breast Pump: Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump

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Why we like it:

The Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump is convenient, simple to use, lightweight and offers many features for maximum efficiency.
The Eccomum Breastfeeding Pump is perfect for moms looking for a lightweight electric breast pump with a strong suction power.

Due to the small battery and control unit, this unit is suitable for moms who wish to pair it with a hand-free nursing bra. The Eccomum pump has an advanced valve mechanism that almost makes it impossible to backwash.

In conjunction with the ultra-light battery and strong suction, the Eccomum is the ideal secondary unit for moms with a larger home equipment.


There are 9 suction levels and 6 different massage intensities. made it possible for moms to use this system easily and that it could pump much more than other lightweight devices.


The Eccomum comes with a single or double pump adjustable valve The lightweight control device allows easy switching between modes.


Thanks to its lightweight nature and long life, Eccomum is a perfect choice for women who want a portable breast pump.


  • Lots of different settings for massaging and pumping
  • Best pump for use with a nursing bra
  • Unique backwash filter for sanitary reasons


  • The bottle is likely to leak if not sealed tightly.

10.Best Adjustable Manual Breast Pump: Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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Why we like it:

One of the best manual breast pumps is the Medela Harmony.The device is simple to use and very effective Furthermore, the handle swivels! It has many creative features that make milk extraction much easier and easier for the consumer.


One thing you shouldn’t forget to check for the action of the handle while buying a manual breast pump. The reason is simple: the pump is useless if the handle action is bad The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump has a pivoting handle that turns 180 degrees to switch into the stimulation mode.

This adjustment makes it easier to use the Medela Harmony Hand Breast Pump, particularly for manual applications. You can adapt the grip to the position of your preferred hand.

It actually does an excellent job to pull the milk down, and thanks to its intelligent design, you can easily control the suction power.


The pump also has a small divot underneath the breast shield. It sounds like an ordinary feature which makes the pump not only easier to handle, but also more relaxed.

Every mother who has previously tried other manual pumps will demonstrate how advanced it breast pump functions. You don’t get the same irritating clap sound against the bottle as you would with the Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump, which is more powerful and quieter.


The pump is small and lightweight. Medela breast pumps have long been around and are known for their durability. If something breaks down, replacement parts can be monitored easily.

A large number of compatible attachments for the Medela Harmony Manual Breast pump are also available on the market.


  • Easy to use manual breast pump
  • Smooth handle action with adjustable grip
  • Very comfortable experience for the woman
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe (top rack)
  • Portable breast pump to take anywhere


  • The pump tends to lose suction as the O-ring rubber gets stuck. The O-ring is however replaceable and can be found in several brick and mortar stores.

Guide to Buying the Best Breast Pumps

How natural do you want it to feel?

Two main types of breast pumps are available: electrical and manual. It is important to note that there is no breast pump to imitate how your baby feeds.

Nevertheless, several electric breast pumps close to imitating the normal scenario. A two phase extraction system exists for some of the top electric breast pumps.

The first stage stimulates flow, and the second phase stimulates flow. Several apps sound more like natural breastfeeding at the end of the day than others.

How often will you use your pump?

Manual pumps for breast pumping and electrical pumping are an excellent choice. Some of the better manual breast pumps are reliable enough to remove regularly.

In other words, most moms prefer electric pumps if they remove regularly. Manual breast pumps are lightweight, discreet and suitable for travel. The biggest downside is that they are more work-intensive and in terms of efficiency can not compete with electric pumps.

What is your budget?

breast pumps and  baby products both are Expensivel. However, some affordable options still exist. The most affordable types of pumps are manual, but electrical solutions are also affordable.

If you can afford to spend more on the electric pump for improved efficiency, you might want to consider, but you just need some experience and patience to do the job no matter which tool you choose from our list.

Single vs. Double Breast Pumps

Mothers have a few key production options. The woman can use a single breast pump on the opposite breast while the infant feeds on the second breast.

Meanwhile, for twins or women who are separated from their baby for an extended period a double breast pump is fantastic. Double breast pumps help to promote extraction of milk and prolactin. Therefore, not only will you generate more milk, but also more energy for the baby.

What makes a good breast pump?

It’s a matter of collecting milk from your breasts and the best breast pump should do this efficiently and without the mother’s energy or effort.

Painless Suction
In the end, most breast pumps feel uncomfortable. Pumping should never damage the extraction as as much as it is a painful process. When the procedure is uncomfortable, remove the breast pump and find better market choices.

Adjustable Suction
The frequency and intensity of a breast pump is determined by its suction. The most milk per suction is collected from the strongest breast pump and at a high frequency.

Many women may prefer a lighter frequency or suction level and items with adjustable levels of suction are therefore highly sought-after.

Quiet Operation

Whether you use the pump at home, working or on the go, the level of noise is an important factor, especially when it is widely used.

You must also remember the ears of your baby when you extract when your son or daughter is feeding manual pumps are the quietest, but not too noisy for some electric pumps.

Affordable Price

A breast pump is very helpful, but it is only useful when your baby stops consuming breast milk. As a consequence, although you may want to spend money on a high-quality product, the bank must not split. That choice in this list is good value for money and has great value for the quality they offer.

Versatile Fit
Since nipples and breast sizes are different, the top breast pumps on the market provide the required accessories to make it fit into different breasts and nipples. Look for a versatile product that is customized to your own particular body.

Replacement Parts
Although you are never going to use a breast pump, it is shocking how quickly any components break down on certain devices Investing in a product with a quality guarantee and quick access to ordering and obtaining replacement parts is therefore advisable. Some of these items can even be purchased in your local pharmacy.

Easy to Maintain
A lot of cleaning is needed to make sure you give your child the best possible milk. The many parts involved in certain pumps will complicate the job even more.

You should therefore find only a product which has a reputation for its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, bacteria can build up and damage you and your infant.

Easy & Quick Set-Up
Many manufacturers have found breast pumps too complex, so that a racket scientist just needs to get them installed. It of course frustrates mothers with newborns, so only find a product that comes pre-assembled or is assured of its rapid setup.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Breast Pump

Automatic vs. Manual Pumping

Manual breast pumps and automated electric breast pumps are the two most popular options on the market. Both types of devices have their own strengths and weaknesses. Mothers will, however, determine between one, whether there is enough money to buy each in the budget.

Single vs. Dual Pumping

Another important consideration is whether you want one or two extractions. Single pumps work well for milk extraction while the baby feeds naturally on the rest of the breast, while twins work better with two pumps and extract milk faster. If you’re a busy parent, the most powerful electric dual breast pump.

BPA and Phthalate Content

Your baby must be fed clean, balanced milk. Therefore, find a breast pump free of BPA only. You will read more about safe and effective methods of breastfeeding to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals with reference to this excellent tool.

The Number of Extraction Phases

The extraction stages built into breast pumps are configured as closely as possible to mimic natural breastfeeding. There are some products that do this process much better than others.

Generally speaking, most breast pumps have three or four extraction phases. The extraction can feel awkward and painful when the breast pump is formed without taking these phases into account.


A small, compact, lightweight portable breast pump is ideal for travel. Every mother will tell you that every time you step out with a baby, it is like packing for a camping trip. Simply put, you don’t need an excess weight and room breast pump.


In order to produce a safe, well-functioning product, breast pumps require cleaning and maintenance. Sadly, mothers don’t have to spend all day attending to one of their many baby products. An ideal breast pump is easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean.

Bottle Compatibility

Some pumps only operate with the bottles that are delivered with the product; it is therefore a good idea to double check in advance. Many pumps carry the milk directly into storagebags, and these solutions are perfect for storing a healthy supply of milk.


Do you need to get a nursing bra?
Nursing bra is useful but not mandatory for use with a breast pump. Patient arms are useful when you have to free your hands while breast milk is extracted. It helps you to perform other tasks during milk selection.

What’s the difference between a multiple-user and single-user breast pump?
As the names suggest, only one person can use a single-user breast pump. Thus, never employ a single user breast pump or borrow it.

On the other hand, shareing a multi-user breast pump with other women is perfectly acceptable as long as it is kept clean and you have your own personal accessories.

Multiple user breast pumps prevent the pumping cycle of every user’s milk and therefore are considered safe to share.

What is the difference between open- and closed-system pumps?
Planning to rent or buy a breast pump? The closed-system pump has a barrier to the pump mechanism between the milk container.

This technology prevents the penetration of dirt and bacteria into the device. You only have to find a computer with a closed system if you intend to rent or lease.

An open system works perfectly well, but only for individual users. It also needs additional time and attention to be properly cleaned.

Bottom line

Federal legislation clearly states that when you need to use a breast pump at work, you have the right to fair privacy and breaks. If you plan to return to your job during breastfeeding, you should tell your employer of the situation.

Any good boss should be more than accommodating and help meet the requirements. The best breast pumps for 2020 will support you with your return to work and your conventional lifestyle.

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