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The 10 Best Breast Pump Brands — Expert Advice How to Choose One

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You have been making decisions, after learning to have a baby. You had to determine a car seat, a crib, a stroller, a changing table. You had to choose physicians, decide on medication, and figure out how to care for children. Most moms do not need a breast pump, but if you find one you might feel overwhelmed and it’s now the time to decide a breast pump. Hence We list  Top 10 best breast pump brands.

We get it! We get it! Decisions can be overwhelming in the last stretch of pregnancy in particular. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best breast pumps on the market, so to give you some a breather (and explanations of why they may be the right match for you).

Closed system vs. open system

When shopping for a breast pump, you want to first decide whether you want a closed or open device. ‘ Closed system ‘ and ‘ open system ‘ are not standardized medical terms so that companies can use them in a variety of ways.

It is important to make sure that you know what a particular brand means if you see it in the description of a product!

A closed system breast pump provides a shield to prevent leakage of milk into the pump system. It helps to maintain sanitation of the whole process.

No valve can be fully closed, because the vacuuming operation of the pump involves some air to flow in and out. But as close as possible to a true closed system.

That shield is absent from an open system breast pump. You may find used breast pumps on the market. (After all, the most trusted mothers of the U.S. who breastfeed also pump.)

While it can be tempting to follow a great deal, there are some parts of a breast pump that can not be cleaned well once they are exposed to the breastmilk of another woman.

Because someone else’s milk risks are higher, many people avoid using the pump in an open system to buy these pumps.

How we chose these breast pumps & best breast pump brands

When choosing which pumps we looked at customer interactions first and foremost. We decided to include a range of pumps and price points, because we understand that various pump types work best, depending on the pumping cause – and budgets are different!

Besides popularity and costs, we looked at features that simplify and make the whole pumping process more convenient. Let’s face it –convenience and ease of use should be important when it comes to technology that you can use many times a day.

Whatever your needs, you can work with one of these options.

Best all-around pump

Spectra S1 Plus Electric Breast Pump

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The Spectra offers the possibility to use single or double pumping as a closed system and has a powerful adjustable vacuum pump protected by many insurers.

It is lightweight and compact, built with a handle. (The version S1 includes power cord and battery options, which is very handy on the go!) It is also fitted with night light with two light levels and a temporary timer for these 2 o’clock. Sessions of pumping.

Especially at the beginning, the backflow valves have to be carefully designed in order to keep moisture away from the tubes. The bottles included are not suitable for each baby and therefore a separate bottle brand may be needed.

Haakaa Silicone Manual Breast Pump

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This is a very cost-effective and portable choice. The Haakaa offers a handy way of storing breast milk that might otherwise get ruined: just add the Haakaa to the opposite breast from that your baby feeds to preserve milk that is simultaneously lost!

It is also ideal to wean or try to reduce breast fullness between feedings by taking out a specific small amount of milk.
Since there is no actual pump, open or closed systems are unconcerned — and it is easy to clean them absolutely! — but more manual labor requires Haakaa than an electric pump.

The form of the Haakaa will easily lead to spilled milk if knocked over, so that extra money can be spent on storage.

Best manual pump

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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The handle is a key element of any manual breast pump, and it is differentiated by the pivot handle of the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump.

The Harmony provides a high level of comfort and ease for a manual pump partly because of its ability to access the handle to the most comfortable position for every user and to switch positions when necessary.

However, the efficiency and portability are lower than most electrical models. Like the Haakaa, it is easy to clean the Harmony, because there is no motor or tube

The pump can lose suction over time as the O-ring gets ragged, but removing or repairing this pump is fairly easy to locate replacement Medela pieces. (In addition, the low price point makes it more cost-effective if possible to replace this pump fully.) Like all manual pumps, this may not be an option for you if you want to pump a lot.

Best hidden/discreet pump

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

The Willow is a hands-free option and is a convenient pump for working women and people on the move. As it does not have to be corded inside your bra, this is a common choice for people who need to pump publicly.

It provides robust customer service and doesn’t get many complaints about milk lost due to leakage.

Because of the size of the Willow, its bags only can hold a less breast milk than other pump containers, it is necessary for some lactators to switch storage bags in the middle of the session.

The Willow also has a somewhat more complicated assembly process and can be difficult to lock in the beginning.

Most comfortable manual pump

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

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When designing this pump, the makers of the Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump also thought about comfort. It is designed to enable you to pump manually in a reclining position.

The silicone liner also makes the real pump more comfortable than the plastic one! The parts are easy to disassemble and clean, like most manual pumps. It is also easy to carry and comes with a cheaper price tag.

The Philips Avent Manual is on the quieter side of a handle pump because the handle does not have a shield to keep the container from banging.

It can also give your hands a little workout, because the handle can not move and the grip can not be changed. While parts can wear out as this is a more popular pump brand, it is easy to locate replacement parts.

Best portable pump

Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-the-Go Tote

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Made into a bag, this pump is ready to go! The Medela Pump In Style has been built to maximize suction and pumping capacity, so it is often seen in quick pumping sessions. (However, it does not offer the same level of suction control as some other pumps.)

It is more hygienic than some other methods as a closed system pump. This breast pump isn’t the quietest one, a little louder than the spectra, but it’s easy to find replacement parts. It’s fast, so it’s traveling well.

Best hospital grade pump

Medela Symphony Double Electric Breast Pump

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We won’t lie: this is a huge splurge and it will definitely not be necessary to buy it — but you can rent it out. When you decide to start or increase breast milk, a hospital grade pump will provide your breasts with more suction.

The Medela Symphony has many hospitals to choose from. It may be a good choice when you try to make milk for a baby you have adopted.

This pump has a perfect suction that imitates the real pattern of a baby’s nursing. It is such a well-secured system pump that hospitals are able to use the same unit for multiple nursing women.

This is also a quieter tool that is appreciated by many parents. Although this pump has a long life, it is heavier and not good for portability.

In addition it may be worthwhile to see if there is a hospital or birth center in your area that leases this pump due to the high price tag on this pump.

Best multitasking pump

Medela Freestyle Flex Double Electric Breast Pump

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For mom on the move, this is a hands-free option! The Medela Freestyle is extremely light and easily fits into a bag or diaper bag.

It comes with a digital display and a timer with a memory function to store your favorite suction patterns for expressions. This is also compatible with most of the top flat bras.

The downside of the Medela Freestyle Flex is that the engine is not as powerful as the hospital grade. The Freestyle Flex is also a more noisy pump (When the battery is low, the suction decreases dramatically, so it may become important to plug it in).

Best budget hospital grade pump

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

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It’s a very cheap hospital grade pump. The Lansinoh is lightweight, compact and has an LCD screen that is backlit. This runs on a power cord or battery.

The three pumping designs and adjustable suction solutions help to letdown and maintain hygienic pumping in the closed system.

Lansinoh is not the silentest of available breast pumps and can run through batteries easily, but for those needing a hospital grade pump, it is a very affordable option.

Best budget electric pump

Bellababy Double Electric Breast Pump

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A touch HD display with a sensitive touch panel is available in the Bellababy Double Electric. This screen contains all the details that a lactant can expect and a convenient one-touch pump control alternative.

The Bellababy Double Electric offers a closed system with a good suction which even with a low battery continues very well.
While the Bellababy Double Electric is portable, the option on the market is not the most lightweight.

It’s also a bit louder than some pumps. It has many cleaning and sanitizing parts.

What to keep in mind when buying a breast pump

There are many things to consider when selecting a breast pump:

your specific pumping needs and lifestyle. How many times will you use your pump? What is your pumping purpose — ensuring the supply of milk, doing it during work hours, etc. every day?

What pumps will cover your health insurance. As of late 2012, Trusted Source, private health providers in the United States must be protected by the Affordable Care Act for breast pumps.

Price point.  Find the balance between your budget and the pump form that best suits your needs.

Compact. Portability.

Suction strength / variability.

Comfort.  Does your body fit well with the pump?

The pump’s loudness.

In addition to the pump, you may need other parts.

Don’t forget to consider cost-effective ways to test a future pump before you buy it. Some hospitals have pump rental facilities. Tell a local lactation consultant why, how and where to hire a breast pump.

Bottom line

Every person and situation has a breast pump. Whether you need to pump regularly, want something to help take a little off in the middle of the night or want a pump built to get your milk down, these options will help you make yet another decision from your to – do list. (Don’t worry. A lot of others you’ll still have to make.)

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