Top 7 Best Baby Carriers For Dads Of 2020 [Expert Pick]

Why should it be fun for moms? Dads also want to take out the day’s baby. Are you secured their travel if you intend to leave the house with your little one? Our experts listed 7 Best Baby Carriers For Dads.

It is not always convenient to have a stroller or buggy, especially at weekends when the sidewalk is crowded. A baby carrier is an option that holds you attached to your infant.

While many baby carriers are built for both men and women, some features are more valued by men. It would be great for dads if only a little less “mom” was a baby carrier and made more in mind with dad.

We took a look at some of the best carriers for dads — rated by dads — to show you how babywearing can totally be a man thing.

Why Should Dad Use A Baby Carrier?

In the past, several men would have joked “Mom” when asked what is the best baby carrier. Luckily, modern dads realize the value of spending time with their new babies.

The smash-hit film, “The Hangover,” brought babywearing to a whole new generation of dads. Since Zach Galifianakis held baby Carlos in a backpack, sales of men’s baby carriers have increased dramatically. If you can trust Dufus Alan with a kid, you can certainly trust others too.

With your mini human, a baby carrier will offer a lot of benefits for a day out.

1. Leave The Stroller At Home

Interestingly, the last thing you seem to be doing is strolling. Normally I spend more time in the trunk and trying to set it up.

If you have wheels in tow, it might take more preparation to get around than you’ve arranged. You’re meant to take the elevator, not the stairs, or you’re always trying to find routes that are stroller-friendly.

Not having a stroller means you can go places that are typically considered out of boundaries. On that Sunday morning hiking trail, baby can now go offroad with you. A trip to the zoo might not mean walking through the crowds at the speed of a snail.

2. Go Hands-Free

Once you become a parent, multitasking is one of the skills in which you become an expert, and sometimes you have only one hand to do things.

Using a baby carrier will make your child’s act of juggling run much smoother — you have both hands to use. In the backpack, you can hold your baby and at the same time help prepare dinner.

If your mother wants to go to the grocery store, but you need to clear the backyard before it rains, you can still hold your baby close while you’re in your garden.

3.Soothes Your Baby And Promotes Bonding

When you take the baby out for a drive, during the journey they’re likely to fall asleep. All this is due to the calming nature of the activity.

You may find a similar effect if you decide to pop your kid in a carrier and walk around. Naturally, the walking action and hearing your heartbeat chills out babies.

As a dad, for me, the biggest advantage is the important bonding time I have with my little guy. The feeling of closeness is something else between us both. Yet experts agree the improved relationships between parents and children can be encouraged.

What To Look For

It’s simple: we want something better suited to our needs. Somewhat less pink, and also more suitable for our various shapes of the body.

According to the type of carrier you choose, padded straps or adjustable waist belts work better for daddy sizes.

Types Of Baby Carriers

There are five basic types:

1. Wrap; This popular style is a long piece of stretchy fabric wrapped around both of you. The loose ends are meant to create a safe place for the baby to rest.

2.Sling: It can be either a sling ring or a sling pocket. All styles go over your back, though a cloth tube is used for pouch slings that already have pockets built-in. With a quick adjustment, rings are attached to a ring sling near the shoulder.

3.Mei-Tai: A cover hybrid and soft woven carrier; four straps are connected to a piece of fabric that is rectangular. Though some have a waistband, belts are wrapped around the arms for adjustment.

4.Soft-structured carrier: these are much easier to adjust for a comfortable and secure fit, with buckles on the belt and waistband. These are made of cotton and include more protection for the infant, usually straddling their legs around your waist.

5.Frame-based carrier: These carriers are more like a backpack, ideal for longer periods of wearing toddler babies or infants. A lightweight frame can provide your back with more strength, which is ideal when your baby gets bigger and heavier.

Moms may be popular with sling fabrics or Mei-Tais, but they are often too fiddly for us dads. Instead, we prefer something more solid and straightforward, like a wearing front or backpack style, a soft structured carrier.

Carrier Health And Safety

Regardless of gender, one aspect to be addressed at all times is protection. There was concern in the 1990s that increasing use of baby carriers affected the hips of children, causing conditions such as hip dysplasia or spondylolisthesis

Allowing the legs to shape an “M” or frog style is now your child’s approved pose, and this should be simulated by the best baby carriers. Many are now identified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as providing adequate protection for the legs and hips of your baby

Best Baby Carriers For Dads Of 2020

Here are the top 7 baby carriers for men that you can buy

1. Babybjörn Baby Carrier One

Babybjörn Baby Carrier One

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It’s a sad fact of life that your baby will grow up, and it’s the scary part of how easily it happens. This Babybjörn baby carrier was designed to accommodate up to three years of age with your baby.

The Baby Carrier One is built right from birth to suit your baby without the need for a booster insert. Adjustable strong head support ensures the baby’s head and neck are positioned firmly and correctly. As your child grows older, you can lower the carrier’s height and carry the baby either facing you or out.

Extra-padded shoulder straps also make it easier for dad to wear. The waist belt is sufficiently secure to relieve pressure and disperse the baby’s weight effectively.


  • 4-way front and back carrying for babies of all ages.
  • A hip-healthy baby carrier, as tested by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
  • Adjustable height features and zippers.
  • Choice of 15 stylish, and not too “girly” colours.


  • Sometimes the zippers may open when the carrier is in use.
  • With this relatively large carrier, dads for smaller frames might struggle.

2. Ergobaby Omni 360

Ergobaby Omni 360

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I was constantly panicking about their position the first time I held my baby in a carrier and stressed whether they were properly supported.

The Ergobaby is known as a carrier that is “newborn ready” and does not need a separate insert for infants weighing between 7 and 12 pounds.

Even the most awkward of dads can load up their little one with a bucket seat style. The seat also allows the baby to be seated towards you as you sleep, or to look outward as they grow and become more curious.

What we really liked about the ErgoBaby was the addition of comfort features that can be adapted to the body of a man:

Broad straps of the shoulder will not fold or dig into wider shoulders and, if desired, can be worn crossed or backpack-style. The waist belt can suit wider waists and can be worn for maximum comfort in a low or high position.


  • All-in-one carrier for newborn babies up to 36 months (7-45lbs)
  • Adjustable bucket seat, in all carry positions, supports the baby’s legs in an ergonomically comfortable “M” shape.
  • Custom model. Will fit several wearers with a 26-52 inch waist belt and 28-46 inch shoulder straps.
  • UPF 50 + tuckaway hood for sun and wind protection for your kid.
  • 100 per cent cotton and machine washable.


  • It can take time to close the velcro fastenings and clips.
  • The carrier can be hard to put on without anybody else’s help.

3. Baby K’tan – Active Baby Carrier

Baby K’tan - Active Baby Carrier

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Perhaps it’s just a man thing, but I always found the wrap-style carriers ‘ how-to videos too complicated. I seemed to be trying to untangle miles of fabric and eventually abandoned the idea.

The Baby K’ Tan Active uses a double loop design to address this manly malfunction, which slips on just like a T-shirt. According to both women and men’s builds, this baby carrier is also sized as clothing with an XS-XL measuring guide.

The K’ Tan distributes the weight over your back and shoulders, providing optimal brace with an adjustable band. Your baby has soft head support, with ergonomic positions for their growth.

Dads who like to be outdoors and active can continue their pursuits with this carrier, even if the baby has to join. It is made of breathable performance fabric that does not absorb moisture or sweat, and it also ensures that UV rays do not penetrate.


  • Helps you to bond with your kids.
  • Suitable for newborns up to 8 pounds, babies up to 35 pounds.
  • The ability to pick wrap based on the size of a T-shirt assures the right fit.
  • Breathable, fast dry fabric provides  temperature control  for father and baby
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.


  • Size-specific means that unless you have a similar build, you and your partner can’t share.
  • Logo patches that are sewn into the fabric for infants can be itchy and annoying.

4. Onya Outback

Onya Outback

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To spend a day with a kid doesn’t always just go to the mall. Sometimes with my new little best buddy, I want to get out in the open air. This Onya Outback is like the carriers ‘ Jeep Wrangler, with a rugged feel.

The fabric repels both humidity and dust, which are great for weekend treks. For all environments, a 100% ripstop nylon body and mesh lining are perfect. A UPF 50 + tuck-away sleeping hood safeguards against sun or rain.

What I really enjoy about this carrier is an integrated chair’s added versatility. Just strap it to the back of any seat for an instant high chair when you want to stop with your fellow dads for a cup of hot joe.


  • Long shoulder straps are well-padded and flexible.
  • A wide and supportive waist strap.
  • Big double entry, zippered pocket
  •  You can carry your baby on your back, front or side.
  • Supports up to 45 pounds, making it suitable for infants.


  • Better suited for larger babies; a separate “baby booster” insert is required for babies up to 15 pounds
  • No outward-facing option.

5. LÍLLÉbaby The Complete Baby Carrier

LÍLLÉbaby The Complete Baby Carrier

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For fathers, sporting the “kid” look can be very appealing. Of course, I get more attention from women — totally unwanted — when I have my little one in tow. This almost makes me wonder why earlier I didn’t know the baby carriers ‘ pulling potential. Only to joke, beloved wife!

This figure-hugging baby carrier is available in a choice of 22 stylish colours for younger, single dads out there. You’re going to be the city’s best-dressed baby and dad combination!

Not only are we scoring this carrier for its appearance, but it also has a lot of user comfort and safety features. Six carrying positions provide mobility of 360 degrees, with headrest and hood for additional protection.

Lumbar support and secure waist belt ensure that daddy fits comfortably as well as the carrier.

The LÍLLÉbaby carrier has a temperature control panel that zips to warmth or reveals a cool breathable 3D mesh. The carrier is both lightweight and built for use throughout the year, or is equally appropriate for babywearing indoors.


  • In a wide choice of colours, a stylish baby carrier.
  • All-in-one carrier that makes it possible for you to decide how to carry your child.
  • Adjustable back panel adapts to the baby’s development.


  • Some options of colour can cost much more than others.
  • Corners will dig into the legs of your baby if not properly positioned.

6. Boba Air

Boba Air baby carrier

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You may need a carrier just-in-case often. One you can store for those unexpected daddy daycare days in your car trunk or office desk. For easy storage, this one from Boba Inc. folds into its own pocket hood and is super lightweight.

If you’re like me, and every time you use it, you have to wrestle your baby in the carrier, this could be a good option. The Boba Air is frameless and made of stretchy material, making it easy to fit into the baby.

Padded leg openings and a wider seat provide your baby with an ergonomic journey, and the mesh lining helps to circulate air to prevent overheating.

This carrier would suit most fathers with an adjustable waistband that goes up to 58 inches. It is also possible to adjust the chest strap for a near fit.


  • Lightweight super.
  •  Folds down into your own pocket for storage.
  • Sleeping hood attached provides shade or weather protection.
  • Lightweight material with a mesh for temperature control.
  • Padded leg holes for extra comfort.


  • Not appropriate for newborns; holds between 15 and 45 pounds of infants.
  • Carrier can only be worn in one way, heading towards you on your front.
  • Hood and pocket avoid the outward-facing of the infant.

For extra portability, mesh padded shoulder straps are lightweight, but when holding a heavy baby they can cut into your shoulders after a while.

7. Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack

Clevr Cross Country Baby Backpack

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If Jeep Wrangler was the last one, then this carrier/backpack combo is certainly the carrier’s Land Rover Defender. Very few other items like this are on the market — a baby carrier and a hiking accessory combo that you never knew you needed.

Babies will, of course, get heavier as they get older. Mommy often prefers daddy to carry baby on outings with his larger muscles.

The padded straps are wide enough, without digging deep, to cope with the extra baby weight. A hip belt with energy-absorbing lumbar padding ensures cool, comfortable and secure for you and your passenger.

If you’re going to tire, the metal frame will stand on a flat surface on its own to give you a well-deserved break.

The fabric is both durable and weatherproof for more robust adventures. An optional canopy of rain and sun can help keep your baby dry and shady. Once your baby becomes more interested in the outside world, they will enjoy the location of the chair that helps them to look over the shoulders of daddy.


  • The frame is strong but lightweight.
  • Enough pockets with your baby for even longer hikes.
  • Collapsable canopy to shield the sun and rain.
  • Best suited for children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years.
  • Easy to stand with a kickstand on a flat surface.


  • Considering the robust frame, the maximum weight capacity of 33 pounds seems to be low.
  • Shorter dads may struggle with this carrier.

Which Is The Daddy Of All Baby Carriers & Which Is Best Baby Carriers For Dads?

We have concluded that the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is the best baby carrier for dads after looking at many of the most “manly” baby carriers on the market.

While wrap carriers are very popular with mommy, for the average dad they are a little too fussy.

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One gives a newborn with all the support and adapts as the baby grows. It’s easy to set up and the varied carrying positions will make sure the baby is as comfortable as you are while ferrying around.

Dads, it’s time to say it. Are you going to use a baby carrier? Let us know what you’re thinking.

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