Best 6 Affordable Car Seats For Infants. Best Price Car Seats For Toddlers

We all know that your little one’s well-being is priceless, and you’d spend all of the money on earth if it meant keeping him safe.  But let’s be realistic: Many of us have limited cash flow, and the expense of baby gear adds up quickly.  Fortunately, when it comes to car seats, you will find options in each class that will get you the best bang for your dollar — and peace of mind on the street, too. Here are the Best Affordable Car Seats For Infants which that offer excellent value for the budget, with input from parents in our What to Expect community who’ve used them for many years and stand behind their own recommendations.

Here Are Our Best Picks:

 Best Affordable Car Seats For Infants

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 30 Infant Car Seat

Graco SnugRide SnugLock 30 Infant Car SeatSee Now

Why We Love It

For under $150, parents looking for an infant car seat to find the Graco SnugRide a score.  It’s easy to install.  The Click Connect technology gets rid of any guessing since you will literally hear a click that assures you it is secure.

It is narrow and comparatively compact if the distance in your car is a problem.  Plus, it’s lightweight (only 7 pounds), so you won’t throw your back out carrying it into the house when your little one is snoozing.

Our community mother Molly states, “I really like my Graco snug ride and also don’t find that it feels cheap.  It worked great for my son and will be using it for my second baby, too.  Loved the click connect with my stroller”

Since the seat can only be used with infants up to 30 pounds or 30 inches tall, keep in mind you won’t be utilizing it for the long haul, but the savings can be huge if you’re considering investing in another car seat that will take you through the toddler years.

Best Affordable Infant Car Seat: Runner-Up

Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat and base

Chicco KeyFit Infant Seat Orion

See Now

While the Chicco KeyFit costs a little more, it is still on the lower end for an infant car seat. And for the budget price, you receive virtually all of the security features you’d want. It’s a cinch to set up with a spring-loaded foot and bubble window which tells you when you’ve got it correctly.

And mothers of preemies love that it comes with an infant insert for infants weighing 4 to 11 pounds, so you don’t need to fret about obtaining a safe fit for your little tot.

This seat is a bit heavy (10 pounds) compared to others, but that rarely deters safety-conscious parents, such as our community mother Molly, from picking this highly recommended option.  “Love love love it.  It’s pretty much the best in course for the infant seat and rated the simplest to install correctly.”

Best Affordable Convertible Car Seat

With the Safety 1st Grow, you won’t need to go car seat shopping for a while. As it’s aconvertible car seat, it is going to match your baby when it’s a newborn and continue to do its job all the way around age 7 or 6 (or 65 pounds).

Some parents found it bigger than they expected to get a convertible car seat (and remember you will have to wake your baby up from any on-the-road naps to bring her into the home ), but the additional bulk and cushioning will help protect your little one.

(She’ll also adore the added cup holder when she is older!) “I have it and like how I don’t need to take it outside to rethread the straps as she develops,” writes Sherlin. “It is a larger seat, however. You won’t gain any room when you switch out of the infant to the convertible. In reality, it took an inch or two more. She loves it though. Very comfortable.”

Best Affordable Convertible Car Seat: Runner-Up

Cosco Scenera NEXT convertible car seat

Cosco Scenera NEXT convertible car seat

See Now

 Why We Love It

Cosco is a superb budget manufacturer-new. Its seats generally don’t have the padding or additional features that some others do, but this comes in handy together with the Scenera NEXT.

It makes it super lightweight, and a favourite for town parents who rave about it for travelling, taking frequent taxi trips or keeping an extra seat in grandma or grandpa’s car.

Our community parent Stepnie states, “We used my mum’s car seat (Cosco scenera next) on the plane.  It’s a super lightweight seat and is only $45. . .

The scenery next is recommended a great deal for travelling bc of how lightweight it is. It can also be installed as upright as needed when a kid can sit, which can be very big and also tight plane seats.”

Another plus? It buckles into the Mountain Buggy Nano stroller, developing a fantastic parenting hack for easy trips through the airport or once your Uber brings you to your destination.

Best Affordable Booster Seat

Evenflo Amp High Back booster car seat

Evenflo Amp High Back booster car seat

See Now

Why We Love It

Together with six height positions, the rear adjusts as your toddler grows, they can eventually be fully removed. The foam liner, padded seats are comfy and safe, and you can also toss the cover at the laundry room for fast cleaning (grown-up kids still make messes, after all!).

You won’t get any fancy features for this price (the cup holders, for example, possess elastic to hold your child’s drink set up ), however, you’ll get a safe seat for minimal cost.

Best Affordable Booster Seat: Runner-Up

Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat, Proof

Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat, Proof

See Now

Why We Love It

The Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat has a five-point harness for its new-to-booster set (forward-facing kids between 22 and 40 pounds), also converts to a belt-positioning booster for larger toddlers.

Plus, its LATCH system helps using a safe installation. The padding could definitely be better, but it will maintain your kiddo protected and will not drain your pocket.

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