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“I am owner and founder of Dr. Sufi’s Parenting. I started this blog to serve women & child. My aim is to give parenting tips to everyone. In my 16 years of experience, I have seen that woman patients become skeptic while sharing their health issues to any male doctor and due to that problem gets bigger with time. That was my inspiration to open this clinic for woman and child. I have can provide you best fertility treatment as well as for high-risk pregnancy, So Now no hiding, no worries because you have your own clinic,
“Dr. Sufi’s Parenting™ – A Clinic For Woman & Child”

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In my experience of 16 years, I studied fertility problems in details & I can give you best treatment for fertility. Come at Dr Sufis Parenting & be a proud mom!!!

Baby Care

If you’re a first-time parent, put your fears aside and get the basics in this guide about burping, bathing, bonding, and other baby-care concerns.


Pregnancy, most awaited dream of the woman. But sometimes things go wrong & it becomes worse nightmare. Come to Dr Sufis Parenting & Leave rest on me. I will personally assis you till delivery.

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Divya Patel

Best information I have ever read on internet. I would say Dr Sufis Parenting is best source to learn many new things about parenting.

Heather Armstrong


You force to make it habbit to read your website everyday. Information on this website is up to date and very informative.

Merry Steaphen

Heather Armstrong

I would just say its great information here .No product push. Just clean information. Really love to read your blog Dr Sufia. Thanks!!!

Best Parenting Tips

Women, the most valuable element of God’s creation is the spine of our family & culture. However, most of her issues remain Unrecognized & avoided. “Dr Sufi’s Parenting” is focusing on women healthiness as top priority, Specialized in Infertility, high risk pregnancy,  cervical cancer & all general Woman and child health issues. Here you will get best parenting tips and advice for successful pregnancy as well as parenting.

In such a Hitch generation, We wish almost everything at our doorsteps. We get completely new issues appearing with the old ones fading away ! !. However globe is becoming robotic, individuals are still human beings and deserving of much better health facilities. We, at Dr Sufi’s  Parenting have Well-experienced & Gynecology doctor & Fertility specialist to deal with special Women health issues. We give obstetric care with Love & passion.

Persistence & perseverance can ultimately bring the fruit. Our vision is to provide “A Total SOLUTION FOR WOMEN & CHILD HEALTH”. We trust in “Holistic Health Care”. We promise that our center is going to be a Home away from Home. Hospitality with Excellence & delicate Loving health care is our vision. Our “Support Group” provides excellent moral support to all of the our customers & Assist them to eliminate unwanted issues ! ! Let’s Be a part of our family together to make a Healthy & Stronger Generation.

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