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At 8 weeks expecting, you’re adorning up your 2nd month of pregnancy. And although you are probably not showing yet, getting pregnant is usually ultimately beginning to experience true to you; such as most women, you probably your very first prenatal consultation approximately right now. In this consultation, an ultrasound is usually done to figure out just how far along you are. You can even hear—and see— the baby’s heart rate. Just how great is that? So What are the 8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms? Let us find out…


Thinking about just what stinks? Most likely Everything and Anything. Your hormones are performing some crazy events at 8 weeks, causing a superhuman-like feeling of smell and also creating your abdomen do flip-flops. At 8weeks pregnant, there are actually a number of pregnancy signs and symptoms you could go through, ( don’t get us began on those crazy pregnancy dreams! ) for example :

Sore breasts – Your boobs can look much bigger, more heavy, and let’s consider it, sore. That’s just because milk-producing lobules in your boobs are starting to grow. It’s all in favor of a good purpose: they’re prepping for breastfeeding your baby.

Fatigue –  Thestruggleisreal to snooze at 8 weeks pregnant. The reason why? Because your hormones go up and down, your body generates much more blood for baby, along with your blood pressure level as well as blood glucose levels are less than what they use to pre-pregnancy. The perfect fix? Get extra rest. We understand it seems simpler as compared to it really is, however, allow it to be your top goal to go to bed earlier or even sneak in asleep and four on the weekends.

Morning sickness – Feelings of nausea are likely to be very intense at 8 weeks, once again associated with those pregnancy hormones. Keep yourself well hydrated and graze on healthier snack foods the whole day. In case you’re going through intense pregnancy queasiness at 8 weeks, it is usually challenging to hold food down, apart from consuming appropriate, therefore getting choices you can possibly stomach is key. Few moms-to-be depend on ginger, Vitamin B-6, as well as acupressure wristbands to reduce morning sickness—all value a shot.

A heightened sense of smell – In addition to morning sickness arises another exciting symptom: an uncanny feeling of smell. Getting a whiff of an unpleasant odor—perhaps anything that’s entirely harmless and even never ever irritated before—could stimulate queasiness, therefore it’s better to stay away from the odors you’ve to turn out to be sensitive to.

Pregnancy cramps – At 8 weeks pregnant, cramping is common. That’s simply because the ligaments in your abdomen are stretching out because your uterus grows. In case your cramps are intense and you’re concerned at all, just let your doctor identify.

Constipation – In case you’re struggling with going for passing stool two, you’re not alone. Bowel problems in pregnancy period occur in around 50 % of us. To manage, drink plenty of liquid, consume fiber-rich veggies and fruits, as well as have lots of walks. In case you continue to simply stop up, discuss with your doctor regarding further medications.

Weird dreams – In case you’re getting intense and also weird dreams, imagine just what, they’re completely common all through pregnancy. It’s unknown the cause of these types of dreams—it might mostly be because of new feelings and worries. You’ve definitely actually got so much on your mind these days!

Spotting – It may be disturbing to notice that you’re spotting at 8 weeks pregnant due to the fact, of course, blood may be an indication of miscarriage. However, there exist various other reasons for spotting in the first trimester, which includes sexual relations ( as your cervix can be much more sensitive nowadays ). Allow your doctor to, therefore s/he may rule out any issues.
Just in case you’re 8 weeks pregnant with twin babies, you can experience excess fatigued as well as nauseous because you’ve probably got an increased level of those pregnancy hormones—needed to develop two babies.

Keep in mind: if you’re experiencing nauseated, more hungry, and excess fatigue, it’s just mainly because baby’s development is in overdrive—and considering that your body’s continue to adapt to all those hormonal fluctuations. Make sure to tell yourself it will probably be worth it. ( Particularly the instant you attain the 2nd trimester, like many moms-to-be jumps back and really feel much more refreshed. )

In addition, realize that no pregnancy signs and symptoms at 8 weeks is entirely usual as well. Therefore don’t get worried in case you’re not experiencing very different yet. We promise—soon you certainly will!

How Big Is Baby at 8 Weeks?

While in 8 weeks of your pregnancy, the baby is as sizeable as raspberry and weighs about.04 ounces and measures around.63 inches. Baby’s developing approximately a millimeter every day.

8 Are weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

You are basically 2 months pregnant at 8 weeks.


Thinking about if your tummy is the proper size at this point? At 8 weeks pregnant, appearing a little bit is usual, definitely not appearing is much too! That’s mainly because each and every mother, as well as the baby, are very different. Realize that inside your 8 weeks pregnant tummy, your uterus is growing, however, it simply requires more time for some to reveal it on the outside. In case, say, you’re 8 weeks pregnant with twin babies, it can be much easier to show you’re pregnant besides it is usually to show a singleton mother is expecting at this moment.

Commencing in the 2nd trimester, your OB will probably start measurement of your pregnant belly, however for, at present, size actually doesn’t make any difference. Healthy weight gain in the first trimester is around 1 to 2 pounds every week, therefore at 8 weeks expecting, maybe you have attained around 4 to 6 pounds. The instance you’ve been struggling with morning sickness though, you may have attained beside nothing—and that’s fine as well. Allow your doctor to understand if in case you have any kind of worries regarding your weight gain and your belly size.


Maybe you have your first prenatal check-up around this moment ( referred to as, an 8-week pregnancy scheduled appointment ), in case you do, you can get to spot your 8-week fetus on the ultrasound. Signal the awwws: you might be shocked to notice baby’s arms and legs moving around like mad inside. You can’t really feel it now, however, it’s actually taking place!

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, baby’s toes or fingers and toes are actually just somewhat webbed, together with his or her tail ( yeah, there was one ) is progressed. Interesting point: baby’s taste buds are now developing, gearing up for his or her first meals.

At your first prenatal consultation, you’ll probably have your blood taken so that your doctor can perform lab tests. Your doctor needs to be aware of your blood type and even whether it’s Rh positive or negative ( simply because in cases where you’re negative and baby’s positive, you’ll require treatment to avoid complications ). Your hormone levels and red and white blood cell levels are additionally tested to make sure they’re normal. Your blood will also be investigated for Hepatitis B, STDs, HIV, and some immunities.

You’ll also get a pap smear to investigate for infections as well as abnormalities. In addition to preparing to pee in a cup, simply because on this appointment—and likely each appointment—you’ll need to give a urine sample, so your glucose and protein levels may be checked to find out gestational diabetes as well as preeclampsia, respectively. Welcome to your new normal!

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