You haven’t met the baby yet, however, he or she’s overtaking your life! Interfering with your sleep. Messing with your memories. Together with causing a tension headache or perhaps two at 26 weeks pregnant symptoms.

Um, she or he is going to do all of those things after birth as well! As they tell we have 9Months to prepare for baby, they don’t simply indicate growing the baby and also getting a car seat and bouncer.

We must mentally get ready for a newborn to become the focus of our consideration. And actually, at 26weeks of pregnancy, baby’s providing you with some practice in this particular unit.

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Your 26 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms are mainly discomforts—and are gradually becoming much more unpleasant as baby grows up as well as your body starts to create alterations to be ready for childbirth.

Trouble sleeping – Yawn! The nearer you get to your expected date, the more challenging it could be to get some relaxation! Lookout your caffeine consumption, keep well hydrated, together with have a bit workout ( go for walks! ) to facilitate your body calm down at nighttime.

Swelling – You may not want the swelling, however, it’s usual to get a bit of minor swelling around 26 of pregnancy. However, it’s necessary to be cautious about swelling that’s extreme and even abrupt, which might be an indication of a serious problem known as preeclampsia. Contact your doctor in case your swelling looks a concern.

Headaches – These are generally because of hormone changes or perhaps stress and anxiety. However, you may get headaches whenever you’re hungry or maybe dehydrated, therefore keep on looking after yourself as well as a baby by eating a minimum of each and every couple of hours and also keeping a glass of water with you for repeated drinking.

Pregnancy brain – Is it really becoming complicated to just remember things? This can be a physiological manifestation of hormone variations, however, it additionally could be simply because, fine, you’ve got a lot on your mind.

Braxton Hicks contractions – Observe your tummy sometimes becoming really tight? That’s a contraction. Yes, already. ( Braxton Hicks could be much more observable for women who are 26 weeks pregnant with twin babies. ) Don’t freak out though—your muscles are flexing to train for labor. On condition that the contractions aren’t constant or perhaps extreme, they’re run-of-the-mill. Inform your doctor in case the contractions are uncomfortable and don’t quit; those are indications of preterm labor.

Higher blood pressure – A little increase in blood pressure is normal at 26 weeks pregnant. In case your doctor observes too much of an increase however, she could have you checked more in detail.

That’s simply because hypertension—a systolic reading of greater than 140 mm Hg as well as a diastolic reading greater than 90 mm Hg—could be an indication of preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome.

These particular possibly harmful pregnancy complications would need to be handled immediately.

How Big Is Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant?

At 26 weeks pregnant, the baby is usually as large as a head of kale. Your 26-week fetus measures around 14 inches and weighs around 1.7 pounds. She or he is creating senses, characteristics, as well as abilities! Amazing!

26 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

26 weeks pregnant is 5months and around 3 weeks pregnant. You’re getting yourself through the 6 months of pregnancy.


By 26 weeks pregnant, you’ve most likely achieved around 16 to 22 pounds—or approximately 27 to 42 pounds in case you’re 26 weeks pregnant with twin babies.

When you touch your 26 weeks pregnant tummy, you’ll see the top of your uterus is around 2.5 inches above your belly button. Your belly keeps on increasing around a half-inch every week throughout your pregnancy.


You’ve possibly had a few weeks until your following prenatal scheduled appointment and also usually there is not any 26 weeks pregnant ultrasound, therefore you’re most likely eager to know what’s happening inside your 26 weeks pregnant belly.

Here’s a look: Baby’s taking breaths—of amniotic fluid, not air. It’s excellent practice for those initial moments after delivery!

Baby’s acquiring his or her immune system ready for life on the outside by wetting up your antibodies. And additionally baby’s eyes are developing, and his or her eyes will quickly begin to open. Do you think your 26-week fetus has actually developed eyelashes? Shortly, she or he will begin batting them. ( Aw! )

Guidelines for the week :

  • Visit your maternity ward
  • Preregister with the hospital
  • Communicating with your baby
  • Spend more time your spouse.

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