25 WEEKS PREGNANT SYMPTOMS – Symptoms, Belly, Baby Movement

You’re 25 weeks pregnant and it’s most likely dawned on you that shortly you’ll really have to give birth to this baby. That could be a bit frightening, however, it’s too exciting! Let’s dive into more about 25 weeks pregnant symptoms.

What’s great is the fact that the majority of hospitals allow you to pre-register for delivery, to ensure you may complete your admissions formalities earlier so that you don’t need to stand around completing a lot of forms during the throes of labor.


As you are you continue to feel very active, you’re very likely also beginning to feel overwhelmed by your bigger-by-the-day baby. Your 25 weeks pregnant symptoms consist of:

Trouble sleeping – Perhaps you can’t sleep simply because you’re becoming apprehensive regarding delivery, or perhaps it’s your haywire hormones—or simply your huge belly getting in the way.

Make an effort with various approaches to getting some sleep. One concept is always to drink excess fluid earlier in the day so that you can begin decreasing your consumption once you get close to sleep time.

Like that, you may need lesser washroom breaks during the night time.
Frequent urination. The moment baby’s crowding your bladder, you’ve needed to pee. Very much.

Constipation – Working out ( it’s as easy as going on usual walks ), consuming plenty of liquid, and also taking lots of fiber-rich food items may help you remain, well… normal.

Hemorrhoids – We can’t sympathize sufficiently regarding such engorged varicose anal veins. Piles are typical in the 2nd half of pregnancy simply because the baby is applying a huge amount of pressure on your digestive tract. Along with constipation obviously is not assisting. Getting constipation in control may help avoid pushing when you go to the bathroom and also preferably minimizes upcoming swelling as well as uneasiness.

Gas and bloating – Your hormones are reducing the digestion of food, producing additional gas.

Heartburn – Include this to your list of tummy problems. Baby is pressing on your digestive tract, which may, subsequently, press stomach acidity up your esophagus and also results in painful burning.

The majority of antacids need to be safe in pregnancy ( however usually consult with your doctor! ) additionally include plenty of calcium as a supplementary advantage.

Keeping away from oily as well as spicy foods may also help with heartburn, specifically before going to sleep.

Braxton Hicks contractions – Generally these types of minimal “practice contractions” manifest around 28 weeks, however, few moms-to-be see them sooner than that.

When you get them, you’ll observe your uterus get extremely difficult as well as tight after which return to normal. Fortunately, Braxton Hicks contractions aren’t recurrent and they don’t occur routinely.

They’ll additionally disappear in case you change postures. True contractions, on the other side, will occur frequently tending to remain to get stronger even more recurrent.

In case you’re concerned your contractions are the actual deal instead of just practice, contact the doctor immediately. You might be getting into preterm labor—some moms-to-be are usually more vulnerable to going into labor earlier, including those who are 25 weeks pregnant with twins—and occasionally preterm labor may be prevented if it’s diagnosed early enough.

How Big Is Baby at 25 Weeks?

Baby at 25 weeks is usually as large as a head of cauliflower, measuring 13.6 inches in length and with a weight approximately 1.5 pounds.

25 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?
25 weeks pregnant is 5months and around 2weeks pregnant.


You’ve most likely attained around 15 to 18 pounds entire until now. Are you 25 weeks pregnant with twin babies? For you, it’s possibly similar to 25 to 40 pounds.

When you’re 25 weeks pregnant, putting on weight may be a reason for anxiousness.

We understand, we know, we’ve recently been suggesting to put on gradually as well as progressively, however, it’s also actually typical for the number on your scale to jump around in this particular phase of the 2nd trimester.

Part of which can be because of the volume of water weight pregnant women gained in mid-pregnancy. And also genuinely, putting on the very same amount of weight every week simply isn’t likely to happen—there are obviously usually a bit of fluctuation—your doctor simply just wishes you to get healthy weight gain an aim to ensure you and baby keep as healthy as possible. ( And also so your 3rd trimester isn’t unpleasant simply because you’re carrying around loads of excess weight! )

Therefore don’t sweat a couple of extra weight, and also deal with your healthy eating as well as exercise. In case your weight attain actually is an issue, your doctor enables you to understand.

Besides worrying very much around your weight, concentrate on what’s happening inside that 25 weeks pregnant tummy.

Fetal movement at 25 weeks has become much more noticeable—and you’re most likely observing some patterns. When you’re experiencing plenty of kicks, baby’s awake, whenever you’re not, she or he is probably snoozing.

Regular movement is an indication of a healthy, energetic baby. In case you haven’t experienced baby movement in some time and you need some reassurance that everything’s alright, drink some ice cold water, enjoy some good music, or even have your spouse provide you with a mild massage, along with your little one might possibly just get up and present you with a couple of sharp blow.


Baby’s having fun with his or her new feeling of equilibrium—yep, your 25-week fetus is actually understanding which way is up and also which is down. In the realm of 25 weeks fetal growth, baby’s developing even more body fat and more hair as well!

It’s unlikely you’ll get an ultrasound at 25 weeks pregnant, except if your doctor has suggested additional checking for baby.

You’ll notice the OB at one time this month in case you haven’t previously. Beginning at 28 weeks, your appointments will get bumped as much as each and every two weeks.

ICYMI, the glucose challenge screening evaluation will happen between 24 weeks and 28, if you haven’t done yet, you need to have a scheduled appointment arranged.

Your doctor can ask you to not actually eat for many hours in advance ( much less enjoyable when you’re 25 weeks pregnant ) after which you consume a sugary liquid.

Your blood will be drawn to notice just how your body’s processing sugar. This evaluation may find out gestational diabetes and increase a red flag, from which situation your doctor would ask for additional testing.

Guidelines for the week:

  • Purchase on-trend maternity dresses
  • Jet off for a final visit!
  • Assist your baby shower host.

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