Learn The Truth About 24 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms In The Next 2 Minutes.

Think about this a preview of motherhood: Your baby’s performing absolutely fine—and you’re, good, sort of chaos. Your 24-week baby is functioning on being prepared to survive ( and also flourish! ) in the outside world. You, on the other side, are most likely experiencing a few of the 24 weeks pregnant symptoms & signs —leg pains, backaches, as well as swollen feet. Hang in there, mama-to-be!

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Your ( very irritating ) 24 week pregnant signs and symptoms likely appear somewhat such as this :

Swollen ankles and feet – In case your tootsies are puffy, lift up them whenever you are sitting. Getting up and also going for walks sometimes may help as well.

A bit of swelling is completely to be anticipated however puffiness in your face, extreme swelling in your hands, and even unequal ( a single leg but not the other ) or simply abrupt swelling isn’t common.

Actually, those are indications of preeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication, therefore inform your OB in case you are going through any kind of swelling that looks unusual.

Leg cramps – Tight, aching, or maybe “jumpy” legs may be an indication of dehydration. Therefore look at what you’re taking more water. Extend your legs frequently, together with take lots of walks.

Just let your doctor be aware of you’re having leg pains; they’re most likely not a problem, however sometimes cramps may be an indication of an extra problem, like a nutritional deficiency, hence it’s important looking over.

Backaches – Definitely, you’re yet experiencing back pain—and it could perhaps be worsening. That’s simply because, as baby grows up, so does your uterus ( obviously ), and your uterus presses against your spine, rendering it much more curved as well as strained.

In addition, your back muscles need to exert more effort to hold the additional weight. Inform your doctor regarding any kind of extreme pain ( a.k.a. sciatic nerve pain ).

Linea nigra – That is the dark line that runs up the middle of your tummy. Impacted by pregnancy hormones, the linea nigra should diminish within a couple of weeks to months after delivery.

Stretch marks – These types of “tiger stripes” may continue to show up as your skin extends much more. In case you’re 24 weeks pregnant with twin babies, you’re most likely prone to have them.

How Big Is Baby at 24 Weeks?

At 24 weeks, the baby is the size of a cantaloupe. Your 11.8-inch fetus at present weighs around 1.3 pounds.

24 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

At present you’re 24 weeks pregnant, you’re 5 months and also around 1 week pregnant. ( If you carry out very simple multiplication, it looks like 24 weeks would be 6 months pregnant, however, keep in mind: all months besides February are longer compared to 4 weeks, together with those additional days add up! )


At 24 weeks pregnant, you’ve most likely been experiencing baby kicking for a minimum of a couple of weeks, however, they’re becoming stronger and stronger.

The fact is, your spouse and other people who touch your tummy could possibly begin to feel those kicks shortly as well.

Suggested 24 weeks pregnant weight gain is around 14 to 16 pounds for moms-to-be of standard weight.

In case you’ve got much more than that, don’t worry—it’s extreme and immediate weight gain that’s cause for concern—but for the most healthy pregnancy likely, you’ll want to look for tips to maintain your weight gain in control.

Do you know 24 is a magical number for twin mothers?

It’s recommended that women who are 24 weeks pregnant with twin babies have got 24 pounds at present. In fact, if in case you have, you’ve basically cut down your chance of preterm labor.


Inside your 24 weeks pregnant tummy, baby’s making improvement. It isn’t concerning anatomical things; it’s regarding appearance as well.

Your 24-week fetus’ see-through skin is slowly getting more opaque, and also it’s proceeding a fresh, pinkish glow, as a result of the smaller capillaries which have just recently formed.

Drink up! Around 24 weeks pregnant, your doctor is going to ask for a Glucose Challenge Screening Test—one of the much more unique prenatal tests—to find out if you’re vulnerable to gestational diabetes.

The test is made to notice just how your system processes glucose, therefore you’ll be encouraged to consume a sweet fluid known as Glucola ( which reminds us of Gatorade ) and then spend time for 1 hour.

As soon as the hour is up, you’ll have your blood taken after which it is going to be analyzed to see how your body has dealt with the sugar.

In case your doctor gets abnormal outcomes, you can have to get a follow-up test known as the glucose tolerance test. Hunker down in the waiting room to do this one!

It will probably assess how your entire body processes sugar over a three-hour interval to find out if you really do get gestational diabetes. If so, it’s not the ultimate of the world.

Your doctor will guide you about how to maintain everything under control, therefore the rest of your pregnancy remains healthy.

Therefore you as well as the baby could get additional monitoring—meaning, extra ultrasounds. Look on the cheerful aspect: At least you’ll make it glimpse at baby more frequently!


Guidelines for the week :

  • Get your glucose challenge test
  • Plan your 28-week prenatal consultation
  • Baby shower gifts – sign up right now!
  • Get started with babyproofing your home.

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