21 weeks pregnant: Symptoms, hormones, and genetic tests

Pressure’s on! Did you get the perfect baby name yet? Let’s get to know more about 21 weeks pregnancy symptoms.

It looks like parents-to-be possibly come up with baby’s name instantly and also quite easily, or perhaps feel concerned over all this the way up until the birth.

In case you haven’t selected that best name yet, have a look at The Bump’s broad listings of baby names of every sort; nice names, lovely names, hipster names, and even a lot more.

No matter what name you select, you’ll probably feel it’s much more ideal once you become familiar with ( and be in love with ) your upcoming little bundle of joy.

At 21 weeks pregnant, you’re not simply selecting a name, you’re difficult at work making your house organized as well. Of course, things such as baby bouncers as well as changing table pads may be difficult to select, however, be careful not to worry about it at 21 weeks of pregnancy.

Believe us, baby won’t be concerned in case you choose a pack ‘n play that collisions with the area carpet!


Typical 21 weeks pregnant signs and symptoms are a type of just like a sneak overview of the 3rd trimester. Here are the things you may be experiencing at 21 weeks of pregnancy:

Heartburn and/or indigestion – Stop hot and spicy as well as junk food items as well as other boosts. In case the reason for your distress is a puzzle, maintaining a food record could enable you to figure it out.

Braxton Hicks contractions – Your uterus may sometimes appear tight as it practices for labor. It is entirely common on condition that the contractions disappear once you change postures.

Just let your doctor find out about any kind of aching or contractions that don’t end.

Leaky boobs – Your milk ducts will likely be completely developed towards the end of this trimester—just in case of an early delivery.

Dry, itchy skin – Your skin is stretching over your increasing bump, which makes it much more aggravated every day.

Lather with the pregnancy-safe body oil and even lotion to assist your skin keep hydrated and also probably much less itchy.

Additionally, in case you come up with a rash, let your doctor know immediately because that could be an indication of an irritating pregnancy situation known as PUPPP.

Stretch marks – Your skin gets stretched and becomes thinner as the baby grows up, leading to very small tears beneath the surface of your skin.

Stretch marks are usually more well-known for some women mainly because of family history, or even resulting from immediate weight gain.

They can also be more usual in women who are 21 weeks pregnant with twin babies. There’s absolutely no way to really eliminate stretch marks, however, they must lighten considerably after delivery.

How Big Is Baby at 21 Weeks?

At 21 weeks pregnant, the baby is usually as large as the head of an endive. At 10.5 inches and about 12.7 ounces, baby’s good enough the moment you’ve most likely been feeling his or her fetal movements increasingly more recently.

21 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

21 weeks pregnant is 4 months and around 3 weeks. At present you’re greater than halfway through with 5 months, you’re quite a lot of the way through your pregnancy !


This week, perhaps you may start looking in the mirror and ask yourself, “Where did I go? !” At the point you achieve 21 weeks pregnant, you probably attained around 13 to 14 pounds and around 21 pounds in case you’re 21 weeks pregnant with twin babies.

Your newfound figure likely have you feeling very attractive and also confident—after all, you’re the middle of focus everywhere you decide to go!

However, the excess weight too might have you feeling… fat. ( You’re not—you’re pregnant ! ) Remind yourself, you’re known as attaining this weight ! It’s beneficial for you as well as for baby.

In fact, almost all the weight you put on during pregnancy isn’t simply padding for baby—it all provides an extremely important purpose.

Here’s a sensible approach to think about it: Of the around 30 pounds you’ll put on all through your pregnancy, there’s much more than fat. Here’s just what makes up that weight:

An average full-term baby = 7.5 pounds
Placenta = 1.5 pounds
Uterus = 2 pounds
Amniotic fluid = 2 pounds
Maternal stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients ( needed for breastfeeding ! ) = 7 pounds
Breast tissue ( also for BFing, of course ) = 2 pounds
Increased fluid volume = 4 pounds
Increased blood volume = 4 pounds

See? Almost all of those pounds are doing quite a lot of good, maintaining baby alive as well as healthy—and stocking up good stuff to take care of him or her after delivery.

Whenever you’re feeling a bit meh about your body, think of all the amazing points it’s engaging in ! At this moment, at 21 weeks, fetal movement is noticeable—and baby has reflexes as well !

If you softly press your palm on your belly, you might feel a little push back. So wonderful !


Curious about what’s happening with your 21-week fetus? Since baby’s gastrointestinal system preps for the outside environment, he or she’s developing meconium—the tarry black substance you will get in the first dirty diaper.

Guarantee you hadn’t even thought of future grandkids yet, however, the reproductive system is developing as well. In case it is a girl, she is already got a lifetime availability of eggs in her womb—about 6 million of them!

Having a boy? His testes are still situated in his abdomen and definitely will get the upcoming weeks once the scrotum completes developing.

You’ll find a preview of this cute small 21-week fetus in case you have your mid-pregnancy ultrasound this week. This 21 weeks ultrasound is going to surprise you!

Not only will you get to notice baby on the monitor, you’ll also get to notice few amazing information such as the brain hemispheres and chambers of the heart. Simply let your specialist understand whether you really want to know baby’s gender.

Figuring out whether it’s a boy or a girl is a pretty wonderful time ! But you may also preserve that moment for afterwards if you wish.

Few parents-to-be hold on until baby’s delivered to know the gender. Or else you could inquire the technician to note down baby’s gender and keep it in an envelope so that you can bring it home.

Then, you could arrange a gender reveal gathering, where you can get the surprise while accompanied by your family and friends. A lot of fun!

Look for plenty of printouts of the images, because in case you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, this is likely to be the final medical ultrasound you’ll get during pregnancy.

At this moment go present those photographs of your cutie! And also keep brainstorming those names !

Guidelines for the week:

  • Plan your glucose challenge test
  • Begin preparing your baby shower
  • Narrow your list of baby names.

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