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Its time to change things up. Beginning around 18 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms, you must start to sleep on your side rather than your back.

That’s due to the fact baby ( as well as your uterus ) is growing good enough to push against big veins in the back of your abdomen, that may decrease the volume of blood going to your heart, causing you to feel lightheaded—or even worse, reducing your blood pressure.

Seems frightening, however, it’s completely preventable simply by resting on your side. Obviously, your veins aren’t the just factors that are susceptible to pressure—you are extremely! At pregnancy 18 weeks, there’s much happening.

Make sure, in your busy schedule, which you arrange a bit of time to have breaks and relax. Good justification for a date night and even a prenatal massage!


Not just you are very busy planning for baby, however, you might be getting some not-so-fun 18 weeks pregnant symptoms, such as swollen feet or hands, backaches, leg pains, and also nosebleeds.

Along with the anxiety as well as uneasiness can continue to keep you up overnight around 18 weeks of pregnancy. Here’s the scoop on the 18 weeks pregnant symptoms you may be experiencing:

Swollen feet and/or hands – Swelling may be an irritating pregnancy symptom. It’s absolutely nothing to stress out about as far as the swelling is not abrupt or excessive. In case it is, inform your doctor immediately.

Backaches – Baby’s putting much pressure on your insides, resulting in pains and aches in your back.

Leg cramps – Cramping may be an indication of dehydration, therefore plenty of fluids.!

Varicose veins – These noticeable purple or blue veins are swollen because of entirely excess pressure on your circulatory system. To cope with these, switch postures frequently, prop your lower limbs up when you are able, do workouts, and also avoid tight clothing and footwear.

Trouble sleeping – Your mind is working overtime and you are becoming ever more strained. This may wreak chaos on your capability to capture the Zs you require.

Nosebleeds – Guarantee you never anticipated these! Raised pressure on the veins in your nose can be rendering it bleed greater than normal. In case you have a nosebleed, apply pressure by pinching your nose for 5 to 10 mins. An ice pack may also help stop the blood loss.

Baby kicks – Whether you’re 18 weeks expecting with twin babies, triplets, or simply a single baby, you’re most likely experiencing not only little flutters but much more conclusive feelings similar to real kicks. They’re becoming stronger!

18 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

At 18 weeks, you’re generally 4 months expecting. Just 5 more months to proceed!

How Big Is Baby at 18 Weeks?

At 18 weeks pregnant, the baby is usually as large as an artichoke. Baby’s around 5.6 inches in length and around 6.7 ounces at present and also continues developing rapidly. that is exactly why you are most likely feel very hungry!


Your 18 weeks expecting tummy is too fast expanding—all the stretching and also pressure it’s resulting in are what’s triggering those symptoms.

Gaining weight at 18 weeks expecting is suggested to be around one or two pounds each week for females of standard BMI, no matter whether you’re having one baby or you’re 18 weeks expecting with twin babies. Just let your doctor understand in case you have any kind of issues with your weight gain until now. Drastic and even unexpected weight gain or maybe weight loss could be indications of an issue.

In case you’re 18 weeks pregnant but not showing a lot, everything’s probably A-OK. Keep in mind: Every pregnant body differs from the others, and your uterus will grow up and outside of your pelvis at a pretty different time as another pregnant woman does.


Just what the heck is baby carrying out inside your 18 weeks expecting tummy? A lot! Your 18- week fetus is functioning his or her muscles and just practising all types of moves.

Could you feel baby’s yawning, hiccupping, sucking, as well as swallowing? She or he is rotating, moving, punching, as well as kicking too—and is good enough which you may have the ability to sense him or even her doing it!

In case you’re 18 weeks pregnant with twin babies, there’s a membrane that divides your two 18-week fetuses. Since they move around inside, they’ll press fluid around along with the membrane will probably move slightly—you’d likely be able to see that on an 18 weeks pregnant ultrasound.

At 18 weeks pregnant, the major ultrasound is on your calendar for sometimes within the next couple of weeks.

The mid-pregnancy ultrasound ( a.k.a. anatomy scan or perhaps level-two ultrasound ) is an in-depth evaluation of the baby’s whole body.

It’s an elegant awesome look inside! Your 18-week fetus will likely be measured to ensure development is on the right track. Major internal organs is going to be examined for appropriate growth.

And amniotic fluid, placenta position, as well as fetal heart rate will certainly almost all be analyzed as well, to make sure baby’s thriving.

For moms-to-be who will be 18-weeks pregnant with twin babies ( or other multiples ), the two ( or all ) babies’ anatomy is going to be scanned at one scheduled appointment.

If you wish to understand no matter whether you’re having a boy or girl, the specialist will be able to inform you with approximately 95 % confidence at the mid-pregnancy ultrasound—as lengthy as baby moves around into a position in which his or perhaps her organs are observable. A few babies don’t actually cooperate!

Guidelines for the week:

  • Get knowledge about baby care
  • Arrange a date night with your partner
  • Change your sleep posture from back to the side.

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