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Decisions, decisions. The moment you’re 17 weeks pregnant, start making solid ideas, just like whether you’re likely to figure out baby’s gender (you will be able to shortly !), and what type of childbirth category you’d wish to consider. Lets dive in about 17 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms.

When you start making these selections, the pregnancy is going to feel much more real, that is very amazing, however, part of you is usually feeling a bit nervous as well. Of course, you’re at 17 weeks of your pregnancy; that’s nearly halfway through as well as there’s a lot to do, it may be too much to handle.

Our ideal recommendation? Don’t attempt to do it right all yourself—ask for assistance. And also whichever doesn’t get done? You’ll notice it’s not too essential anyway.


Once you’re 17 weeks expecting, symptoms are most typically because of your fast-developing baby. Here’s exactly what you’re probably experiencing this week:

Increased bodily fluids – Vaginal discharge, perspiration, mucus, along with other fluids are usually in total force resulting from your increased flow of blood.

Weird dreams – Did you deliver birth to a chipmunk? Got married to your boss? Getting weird dreams might be a result of your hormones, however, it might additionally be the consequence of your nerves and also anticipation.

Itchy boobs and belly – When a baby’s developing, your skin is stretching out thinner that can become more sensitive. Avoid the impulse to scratch, and look for a soothing skincare cream that relieves the itchiness. ( We like Belly All Day Moisture Body Lotion. )

More rapid weight gain – You can have attained around 5 to 10 pounds right now. It’s normal to attain around 1 to 2 pounds each week in the 2nd trimester. Immediate or even too much weight gain could be an indication of an issue though, therefore consult your OB in case it’s greater than that.

Stretch marks – Since you’re gaining few pounds as well as your uterus goes on to expand—we dislike to break it to you—getting a few stretch marks might be unavoidable. ( Particularly if you’re 17 weeks expecting with twin babies ! ) Consume plenty of fluid to keep well hydrated and also apply an effective moisturizing cream to attempt to deal with all of them.

How Big Is Baby at 17 Weeks?

A baby at pregnancy 17 weeks is the size of a pomegranate. Your 17-week fetus is around 5.1 inches in length and weighs around 5.9 ounces.

17 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

At 17 weeks expecting, you’re 3 months and around 3 weeks pregnant. At the end of the week, you’ll officially be 4 months pregnant. Woot!


Baby’s focusing on becoming stronger, and your 17 weeks expecting body’s taking care of becoming bigger—about 1 to 2 pounds larger each week. ( Putting on weight needs to be around the equal in case you’re 17 weeks pregnant with twin babies. ) Ensure you record your developing 17 weeks expecting belly by taking various photographs. We assure one day you’re about to start looking back and remember concerning this valuable time. You’ll wish to have a memento of just how your whole body changed.
Baby’s rubbery cartilage is now switching to the bone. And also a baby’s developing some meat on those bones, getting some fat. Your 17-week fetus is developing a more powerful, thicker umbilical cord as well.


You can have a 17 weeks pregnant ultrasound in case you’ve decided to get a cordocentesis. In this particular process, umbilical cord blood is screened for signs of chromosomal disorders. The doctor makes use of ultrasound to locate the spot wherein the cord meets the placenta—that’s the place in which she is required to take out the blood. Usually, this diagnostic test is conducted after 17 weeks; it can be applied if amniocentesis outcomes were inconclusive therefore you as well as your partner with a much more conclusive solution regarding baby’s health.

Guidelines for the week:

  • Decision point: Are you going to know the baby’s gender?
  • Get nursery inspiration
  • Plan your maternity leave

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