14 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms, Tips, Baby Development

A warm welcome to the 2nd trimester! 14 weeks pregnant symptoms represent a considerable amount of changes—you might experience significantly less nauseated, hungrier, even more energetic.

That’s simply because you’re developing what’s called the “honeymoon phase” of pregnancy. Beginning with pregnancy 14 weeks, the 2nd trimester is the period to get a few workouts, get some to-do’s finished, as well as have some excitement. Have fun!


At 14 weeks expecting, signs and symptoms you experienced in the first trimester might be fading. But don’t be shocked when they don’t disappear immediately.

Be patient and also relax! Listed here are few new pregnancy symptoms you can be feeling at 14 weeks:

Round ligament pain – Yowch! You are most likely feeling some aches and pains because your muscles, as well as ligaments, stretch to allow for your developing baby. At 14 weeks expecting, cramping is usually a result of round ligament pain, however, if you have any kind of worries, consult with your doctor.

Increased energy – Since you grow from the nasties of the first trimester, you are most likely gaining your energy in return.
Increased appetite. Tummy’s rumbling? As soon as morning sickness begins to disappear, you might find your appetite on overdrive. Keep in mind that the food you eat is fueling the baby’s speedy development. You must attempt to consume around 300 excess calories every day. In case you’re 14 weeks expecting with twin babies, you’ll wish to actually eat around 680 additional calories daily seeing that you’re in your 2nd trimester. Continue to keep sufficient amounts of healthier snacks with you in case you can get the munchies. It’s important—for you as well as for baby—that you don’t take lots of greasy, fatty foods, therefore you’re both getting the appropriate nutritional requirements. ( Obviously, the occasional bowl of ice cream is absolutely fine. )

Thicker, shinier hair – You might notice your hair getting thicker and shinier, one of the (few) attractive side effects of pregnancy.

How Big Is Baby at 14 Weeks?

At 14 weeks pregnant, the baby is usually as large as a peach, measuring 3.4 inches as well as weighing in at 1.5 ounces. Baby has nearly doubled in weight since last week, and also continues on developing at great speed at week 14.

14 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

14 weeks pregnant indicates you’re around 3 months and one week pregnant. You’re at the start of your 2nd trimester.


Your 14-week expecting tummy might be experiencing aching as well as tender, however that’s just because your uterus is enlarging to carry your fast-developing baby.

Don’t be shocked in case weight gain begins to increase at 14 weeks expecting. In case you began at a standard BMI, doctors suggest you attain around one to two pounds each week commencing at 14 weeks pregnant.

In case you’re 14 weeks pregnant with twin babies, your weight gain target is going to be about exactly like singleton mothers until 20 weeks once you should begin attaining a little more.

Obviously, in case you began underweight or with a high BMI—or if you dropped or even obtained quite a lot of weight in the first trimester—your doctor might possibly suggest a somewhat different weight gain target.

If you noticed yourself shying away from workout throughout trimester one, at present you have got your energy back, it’s period to regain the track. Think about taking a prenatal yoga class or just get that 14 weeks pregnant tummy out for a walk!


Usually, at this time there isn’t a 14-week ultrasound. You probably got an ultrasound in your first trimester and won’t have one more until the anatomy scan ( a.k.a. mid-pregnancy ultrasound ), which always done between 18 weeks and 22.

The doctor may also advise an ultrasound if you are planning to have an amniocentesis ( between 15 weeks and 20 ).

If you did have look inside your 14 weeks pregnant tummy, you would notice that baby’s wiggling his or her toes inside and may even be thumb sucking!

A 14-week fetus’ kidneys are preparing urine, along with the liver as well as spleen are performing their work as well. You might be shocked to know that baby at 14 weeks is developing lanugo, a thin, peach fuzz-like hair, all over—it’ll maintain the body warm!

At a 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound, the baby’s gender might be tough to recognize. Have patience! If you wish to check to see if you’re having a boy or a girl, you may probably be able to figure out within a couple of weeks at the anatomy scan.

Guidelines for the week:
  • Consult the dentist
  • Look at exciting ideas to announce your pregnancy.
  • Study as well as enroll in a childbirth class.

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