12 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and Tips

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Everything is altering rapidly at 12 weeks pregnant. You’re getting to the home stretch of the first trimester (we know, lastly!), which implies your hormones will probably develop things down a bit—hopefully leading you to experience very few 12 weeks pregnant symptoms. This also indicates you are probably able to express your pregnancy news with friends and family. So wonderful!


Here’s the great news around 12 weeks expecting signs and symptoms: morning sickness and fatigue can begin to disappear a little bit short because your hormones gradually settle down. The horrible? Headaches and giddiness can replace them. We’ll have that trade-off. Here are much more details regarding what’s going on to your body at 12 weeks pregnant :

Increased discharge – This clear discharge might sound weird, however, it’s common and carries an important intention: to safeguard your vagina from infection. But if in case you have yellowish, greenish, pinkish, and even brown discharge in pregnancy week at 12week, contact your doctor immediately. Those colors could possibly be a sign of infection or preterm labor.

Spotting – Spotting or bleeding in pregnancy at 12 weeks could be worrisome—or it could be absolutely nothing. For instance, your cervix is a bit more sensitive while pregnant, therefore basically having intercourse could result in slight bleeding that’s not dangerous. Whenever you’re spotting or bleeding, surely inform your doctor. In case the bleeding is associated with cramping or the flow is heavy, it’s an urgent call.

Headaches – These can begin to aggravate around 12 weeks of conception. Headaches can be due to hormonal fluctuations, decreases in blood glucose levels, dehydration, insomnia, and anxiety. To manage, focus on just what might be contributing to your headaches and refrain from those culprits. If you observe an extreme rise in headaches or a kind of headache you’ve never experienced before (like a migraine), or possibly if your headaches come with some other weird symptoms, let your OB find out.

Dizziness – Whoa! Hormone changes and blood pressure alterations could result in dizzy spells around pregnancy at 12 weeks. You may avoid dizziness by snacking frequently as well as consuming lots more water. Sit or lie down if you’re experiencing dizzy or lightheaded together with let your doc find out about any extreme bouts.
In case you’re 12 weeks pregnant with twin babies, you can continue going through morning sickness, whereas your singleton mom-to-be alternatives are usually commencing to notice the light towards the end of the nausea tunnel. Know that issues will probably progress shortly.

How Big Is Baby at 12 Weeks?

At 12 weeks expecting, the baby is usually as big as a plum. The normal fetus at 12 weeks is around 2.1 inches longer and.49 ounces. Since the baby’s got the majority of his or her vital internal organs, his or her main task is to continue developing. Go, baby go!

12 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

At 12 weeks expecting, you’re within the last week of your 3rd month of pregnancy. Basically, you’ll be 3 months pregnant around the end of week 12 of your pregnancy.


12 weeks, your pregnant tummy is an authorized bump! Simply speaking, it’s most likely finding visible now. That is one cause most moms-to-be begin to say other people they’re pregnant around 12 weeks. (Obviously, in case you’re 12 weeks pregnant with twins, you can have been revealing for weeks right now, surely simply because you’ve got double the baby inside!)

If you haven’t actually, begin taking photographs of your pregnant tummy at 12 weeks. Believe us, after pregnancy you’ll wish a memento of just how much your body changed throughout the nine months.


Your fetus at 12 weeks is nearly done developing his or her body’s vital systems as well as parts, that means it’s just about growing, even more, develop from here on out. Of course, baby’s going to proceed into the growth and maturation phase, wherein internal organs and tissues will increase and develop quickly.

Baby at 12 weeks is opening and closing his or her fingers as well as curling feet. Together with a baby’s brain is growing fast!

Baby’s at this point starts growing reflexes—if you poke your 12-week pregnant tummy at the same time looking at a baby on an ultrasound, you will most likely notice movement. In case you’re 12 weeks pregnant with twin babies, your twosome is growing at the same speed as singleton babies at 12 weeks. Afterward, they’ll have a somewhat sluggish rate of development.

You may have another prenatal checkup before the end of your first trimester. Even if you have a 12-week ultrasound can be based on your doctor’s choice and also maybe additionally on just what your insurance includes. If you choose to get an ultrasound at this time, you’ll observe that you can find your 12-week pregnant fetus more clearly this moment around, which may lead you to wish to begin spreading the news that you’re expecting.

Eager to inquire whether it’s a boy or a girl? We dislike to be the bearers of bad info, however on a 12 weeks pregnant ultrasound, gender isn’t generally disclosed. Between 12 and 13 weeks is the pretty earliest a boy or girl could possibly be noticed on an ultrasound, and the anatomy is yet tough to find out with any guarantee. Your OB or specialist is more likely to be able to view the baby’s gender at the mid-pregnancy anatomy scan, which will occur around 20 weeks. But, in case you got DNA blood testing for chromosomal issues, you will probably find out baby’s gender once you get those results—if you really want to know, that is!

Around 12 weeks, you might like to get more information regarding the baby’s health, therefore you may have genetic testing carried out to figure out the risk of birth disorders as well as additional complications. This may be a bit scary—and confusing—so make sure to ask your OB plenty of queries, and realize that it’s considerably more likely baby’s A-OK than everything else.


Guidelines for the week :

  • Fix your 16-week prenatal consultation
  • Stock up on pregnancy food items for baby
  • Share your news with friends and family.

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